DomainKing Monthly Offers

Valid from Nov 1, 2015 - Nov 30, 2015.

We post fresh coupon codes here every month - you can use them to register domains or purchase other products at even lower prices! Do remember to come back regularly, as coupon codes and offers change every month and are only valid during the specified time or while supplies last.

Hosting Offers (November Promotions)

Web Hosting

30% OFF*

Blog Hosting

10% OFF
1) These coupons are only valid for your initial invoice and doesn't apply for renewals.
2) These coupons may not work on some hosting plans.

Domain Offers

Domain Extension Registration Price Renewal Price Transfer Price
.com N4500 N4500 N4500
.net N5600 N5600 N5600
.org N5600 N3999 N5600 N5600
.biz N5600 N5600 N5600 N3200 N3200 NA
.in N3000 N1400 N3000 N2800 N3000 N1400 N3000 N2800
.co N10000 N10000 N9500

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