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.com ₦ 20,000 2,600
.ng ₦ 9,200
.org ₦ 20,000
.net ₦ 22,000
.africa ₦ 20,000

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Ideal for global businesses and brands.


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Create a unique Nigerian identity online.


6 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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Keep it Short

Choose a domain name that's brief to make it easy for people to remember and type.

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Keep it Simple

Make sure your domain is easy to spell and doesn’t use hyphens or random characters.


Check Availability

Before you settle on a name, use the domain search to see if it’s available.


Use Your Brand Name

Use your brand name or niche keywords to boost recognition and credibility.

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Think Locally

If your business is local use a country-specific extension to attract local customers.


Get it ASAP

Register your domain name as soon as possible, before someone else does.

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Free With Every Domain

  • DNS Hosting: Make life easier by managing your DNS from the client area without needing a web hosting package attached to it.
  • Nameserver Management: Point your domain name to any host or use custom nameservers with ease.
  • Domain Parking: Register domains for future use, to secure your online brand, or resale at a later date for profit.
  • Domain Privacy: Keep your information private with free privacy protection on selected domains.
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Been using DomainKing since 2016 and among other things what I enjoy most with their service is customer care.

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Great customer service and DomainKing services are top notch. Thanks to Krishna for swift response and kindness in her response.

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DomainKing has always given top-notch customer services when it comes to domain names and hosting services.

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Domain Prices

Domain Extension Category Registration Renewal Transfer Register Nigeria ₦ 2,600 ₦ 3,000 Free Register now
.ng Nigeria ₦ 9,200 ₦ 10,500 Free Register now
.africa Africa ₦ 20,000 ₦ 25,000 ₦ 25,000 Register now
.com Business ₦ 20,000 ₦ 30,000 ₦ 30,000 Register now
.net Network ₦ 22,000 ₦ 32,000 ₦ 22,000 Register now
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I was really impressed with the assistance by Vicky Kumar. His response was very swift and technically outstanding.

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Simply the best hosting company in Nigeria. I've been using their services for more than 4 years and I've never had any regrets.

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I've been using DomainKing for over 5 years now and I have never had any reason to regret using them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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To register a domain name, perform a search using the search bar at the top of this page. Once you find an available domain, add it to your cart and proceed with the checkout process.

You can check if a domain is available by using the domain search feature at the top of this page.

Domain Extension Registration Price
.com ₦ 20,000
.net ₦ 22,000
.org ₦ 20,000
.biz ₦ 30,000
.info ₦ 41,500 ₦ 2,600
.ng ₦ 9,200
.africa ₦ 20,000

You can get a free domain name by purchasing one of our web hosting packages. The domain will be free for the first year and renewed at the normal price thereafter.

A domain is the address where your website can be found (e.g.,, while web hosting is the service that stores your website's files and makes them accessible on the internet.

Choose a domain name that is short, memorable, and relevant to your business or website content. Avoid using numbers and hyphens, and try to select a .com extension if possible.

Registering your domain now ensures that you secure the name you want before someone else does. It also helps establish your online presence and brand identity early.

Consider buying multiple domain extensions (TLDs) to protect your brand and avoid confusion. Common extensions include .com, .net, .org, and country-specific ones like .ng for Nigeria.

You need to renew your domain before its expiration date, which is typically one year from the registration date. You will receive reminders from us as the renewal date approaches.

Once you complete the registration and payment process, your domain should be active within a few minutes to a few hours. However, propagation can take up to 24 hours.

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