DomainKing.NG's Hosting - Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

These terms apply to all our Hosting Services including Shared Web Hosting Plans (Civilian, Soldier, Commander, Minister & King), Wordpress Hosting (Baby Geek, Senior Geek, Giant Geek), all VPS Plans.

By signing up, buying our hosting plans, you agree to follow these terms.

1) Prohited Activities

By using any Hosting Services, provided by DomainKing.NG, you agree:

a) not to violate any local (state or national in Nigeria), international laws or regulations. You agree to follow all laws & regulations set by Nigerian Government and maintain your legal licenses or approvals from respective autorities that might be needed in your business activities online. We won't support or tolerate any illegal activities on our services.

b) not to use our services to spam or send bulk, unsolcited emails to multiple or single receipient(s) without the receipient's consent which could result in our IP blacklisting or might be considered illegal in any jurisidications. This covers all methods through SMTP or Webmail or PHP Mail. And agree to follow our fair usage limits set as per your plan.

c) not to use our services to collect data/personal information on people (without consent) on the internet using forms, scripts with intent to use it in any unlawful manner.

d) not share copyrighted content including any copyrighted Text, Music, Video or anything that is copyrighted without autorization from Copyright Holder.

e) not to run illegal website (HYIP, Bitcoin Mining) or any website in prohited sectors: Banking, Investing, Forex, MLM, Lottery, Gambling, Casino, Currency Exchange, Courier, Cryptos, Pharmacy, Covid-19 related websites without any proper approval from Government or licensing authority.

f) not to run any Downloading website or streaming services, any website that can put unecessary load on our Shared Server Resources.

g) not to use our services to spread malware or Botnet or illegal scripts or launch any attacks on other servers/machines on the internet or other clients on our service. It is your responsibity to check all your websites periodically yourself for any possible issues and also for issues that we report to you and fix them. If you are found in repeat violations in any of terms or if there any serious violation, then we will be forced to suspend your services.

h) not to abuse anyone's rights or trademark or anything to harm or decieve any 3rd party using our services.

i) not to use our services to violate any person or community/religious/social/ethnical group's rights or sentiments or spread hate or misinformation against anyone.

j) not to use our services to promote or host any nudity or pornography or anything adult-related.

h) that you will not host or run any infected theme or plugins on our Shared or VPS Hosting. And will fix the issue as and when reported to you. In case website is repeatedly found hosting infected code or plugin(s) after our warnings, we will be forced to suspend your account to avoid blacklisting of our IP and to safeguard security of our other clients.

You agree to follow our fair usage limits and act as a responsible internet user.

We can remove or suspend or terminate any content or website or account or customer that we find to be against our terms or is in violation of terms or local/international laws. And no backups or refunds will be provided.

KYC: We have the right to ask you for KYC & necessary legal documents if might feel it necessary for compliance.

No-Refund: We have the right to deny your refund if you are found in violation or abuse or illegal/unlawful.

2) Fair Usage Limits

Different plans have different limits that are set to ensure optimum performance on our servers.

Email Sending Limits - Limits on mail sending per account is set to prevent spam & abuse of email service with Shared Hosting plans. 500 Emails per day for all Shared Hosting Plans including Shared Web Hosting Plans (Civilian, Soldier, Commander, Minister & King), Wordpress Hosting (Baby Geek, Senior Geek, Giant Geek).

Maximum recepients allowed per message must not exceed 8. In case of internal emails on the same domain (from 1 email to another on your domain), there are no limits.

Resource Usage Limits - We limit the maximum CPU, Memory, Inodes & Entry Processes per account depending on your Hosting plan for the overall server performance.

Disk Usage Policy - The maximum disk usage allowed must not exceed the limit set for the plan. In case of Unlimited King plan, the files, media, databases must not exceed following limits:

a. Maximum of 10 GB of the storage space on any Shared Hosting plan can be allowed for hosting of media files i.e. audio,video including but not limited to .mp3, .mp4, .jpg, .png, .gif, .avi files;

b. Maximum of 5 GB of the storage space on any Shared Hosting plan can be allowed for hosting any disk storage files, archives or similar data storage files;

c. Maximum of 8 GB of the storage space on any Shared Hosting plan can used for storage of database, database dumps including but not limited to .sql file.

d. For the performance of server's disk, you are not allowed to keep backups in your account for more than 30 days. If you are creating a backup on your hosting using cPanel's backup manager or Softaculous or similar apps, it is advised that you download backup on your local device & delete the backup arvhive from the account.

e. Our services are not allowed to be used for Backup storage or archiving purposes.

Exceeding Fair Usage Limits - If your usage exceeds the fair usage limits allowed in your plan then we have the right to ask you to upgrade the hosting to higher plan or VPS with prorate billing; or we might ask you to move out for exceeding fair usage, in that case you will be provided prorata refund if your billing cycle is remaining.

3) Backup Policy

We take weekly and monthly backup of our shared hosting servers. But these backups are only for server restoration & admin purposes.

Its client's responsibility to take their own offsite backups or local copies of their website.:
a) You can use CPanel's Backup/Restore Tool for this purpose and download your website content as and when needed
b) Or you can use Softaculous Backup tool.
c) You could also avail our cloud backup plan at N10,000/yr for 2 GB in which we take weekly backups. And restoration will be free of cost.

It is your responsibility to download these backups locally.

In case any data loss occurs, we could use your backups that you took using above options to restore the website for you.

In case you haven't taken any backups:
a) we may search our server backups on your request to see if we have any backup for your account which depends on size & availability (depends on recent server backup date and your website backup availability).
b) For server backup you are required to pay minimum of N2000 for upto 5 GB and above 5 GB - N2500+N500/GB.
c) We only take server backups of accounts in size upto 12 GB.

If your account is suspended or terminated, we normally only keep your backup for the period 7-10 days after expiry. The backup can only be provided based on availibility & size. If the backup is available, we can provide it for N10000 for size upto 5 GB. This is to cover our Cloud Storage & Retrieval expenses. In case of abuse or term violation, backup won't be kept.

VPS Backups - We don't keep backups for our VPS clients. Clients are responsible for their own VPS backups.
a) You can use WHM/CPanel's Backup/Restore Tool for this purpose and download your website content as and when needed
b) Or you can configure remote backups using WHM on any remote backup provider.

Note: Clients can order our Cloud backup plan for N1000/mo per GB for their VPS from us.

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