Refund Policy

  1. Money-back Guarantee

    1. If you feel our services are not the right fit for you, we offer a refund on hosting fees if all the following conditions are met:
      1. Refund request is submitted within 7 days of initial order,
      2. Client had no services with us 12 months prior to the order that the refund request pertains to,
      3. Refund is not requested for a non-refundable product/service.
  2. Non-refundable products/services

    1. No refunds will be given for any product/service we purchase from third-party suppliers where refunds are not possible. This includes:
      1. Domains
        1. In the case where a product is cancelled, a refund is requested and a domain name was included at not additional cost to the client (free) with the product. DomainKing will deduct the normal selling price of the domain from any refundable amounts due to the client. The domain remains the property of DomainKing until either
          • Sufficient hosting fees have been received over the course of the product, such that it will cover the normal selling price of the domain.
          • The customer pays the difference between the total hosting fees received, and the normal selling price of the domain.
      2. SSL Certificates
      3. All software licences including but not limited to Acronis™ backup licence, cPanel account licences, all Plesk licences, Windows Server Standard, Remote Desktop, MS SQL, MY SQL, MS Office.
    2. Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Virtual Machines and Containers are subject to a 30 day notice period and no refunds will be offered unless cancellation is requested within 3 days from order.
    3. No pro-rata refunds will be processed for services that have been billed for periods longer than 1 month (quarterly, biannually, annually etc), unless the cancellation and refund request is received within the initial 30 day trial period.
  3. Refund disbursement methods

    1. Refunds will be paid out in the form of monetary value in the currency of the initial order.
      1. Payments made with a bank card are refunded back to the same card via transaction reversal.
      2. Refunds of bank transfer payments or EFT are done via bank transfer with the banking details supplied by the account holder.
        1. If the request email is sent from the authorised email address on the billing account, we require banking details and proof they are the bank account holder before we approve the refund.
        2. If request is not sent from the authorised email, we require banking details, proof they are the bank account holder, copy of ID and copy of company registration document before we approve the refund.
      3. Refunds of payments made via SnapScan are done via bank transfer with the banking details supplied by the account holder.
      4. Refunds of PayPal payments are done via PayPal to the PayPal account that made the payment.
      5. Payments done via PayFast are refunded by PayFast on request. The timescale for all PayFast credit card refund is 5-10 working days. All PayFast EFT payments will be paid into the client's bank account within 48 hours.