How to make payments by bank transfer or bank deposit to DomainKing

Updated in January, 2021: We no longer accept Bank deposits. You can pay via bank transfer on Please don’t follow the below steps for bank payment & instead use Flutterwave payment gateway on our website

You can also pay to us by Bank transfer or Bank deposit using Voguepay.

Please read this if you are interested in paying by Bank Transfer/Deposit:

These instructions are for making Bank Payments using Voguepay:
You can pay to us by depositing funds at Bank Branch or by Bank Transfer using Voguepay. Right now Voguepay supports GT Bank for bank deposits & bank transfers.

Step 1) You just need to signup with VoguePay to open a personal account account with them.
Please see this below screenshot:
Voguepay Signup Page

Step 2) Then you need to login to your Voguepay account you will see “Add Funds to your Wallet/Account” option. Here you can select to add funds using Bank Cash deposit or Bank Online Transfer in Nigeria.
Please see these screenshots:

Voguepay Add Funds Page
Voguepay Bank Deposit Page

Step 3) When your Voguepay account is funded you can easily use it to pay for our services on our website by selecting Voguepay as payment option on our website.
Please see these screenshots:
DomainKing.NG Cart
DomainKing.NG Invoice
Voguepay Checkout Page

Similarly Cash Envoy also allows personal account users to fund their account using bank deposits or bank transfer at GT Bank. You can also pay to us via Bank Transfer or Bank deposit through Cash Envoy.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any further queries.