Can I change my domain name after it has been registered?

Please note that a domain name once registered can’t be cancelled/deleted/changed as domain registration is a non refundable service by the Registry for which domain fees is directly paid to the Domain Registries and they don’t provide refunds for this.

We have clearly mentioned on our terms page. Please read our Refunds Policy on the terms page.

So once a domain is registered it is booked for the term you ordered it and it is not possible to delete or change it before that. A registered domain name can only be deleted by the registry when it expires.

So for example: If your domain was registered on 25/05/2015, & it was registered for 1 year & then it can only be deleted by the domain registry i.e. on 25/05/2016 in this example.

So if you want to change your domain you can register a new domain name.