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About DK Community

DKCommunity is built around the idea of helping every Developer, Blogger & Designer looking for help on any topic related to their work. All the articles in our community are written in an easy to understand language & with the users in mind.

How to become a contributor for DK Community

If you think you are a good & a creative writer with knowledge of the topics discussed & can uphold the original purpose of this community; and want to share your great content with other users. Then you can become a contributor by following these 3 easy steps:

1) Submit your Sample article: First you need to Submit a Sample of your work with your name, email & your background information to us. Follow this link to Submit Sample.

2) Review of your work by Us: A member of our team will check your article for errors in writing or grammar & your understanding of the topic.

3) Publishing of Your Work & Getting Paid: Once your aricle has been accepted by our team, we inform you with the topics that you can cover (to avoid duplicate articles in our community), publishing dates & our offer to you. Once its all finalized you can start working for us as a DKCommunity writer, publishing articles & getting paid to do it.


We provide many benefits to all the writers of our community:

1) Good Pay per Work : We value your time & knowledge. That is why we pay a competitive compensation to our authors for their work. The pay depends on your experience & the popularity of your work. You can get paid via paypal & local transfers (in some countries) or DomainKing credit in your account used to buy any of our services.

2) Full credit for your work: We believe that you should always get due credit for your work. That is why all our blog articles have author's name, bio and contacts with the articles.

3) Buying any of our services at discounted prices: All our authors can buy any product on our website at base prices once you become a regular writer.

4) Free Surprise Gifts: We believe in giving back. So sometimes we make you happy by giving surprise gifts to you.

5) Sharing Your work with People Like you: All our readers are people like you, bloggers, web designers & developers. And when you get full credit for your work, you build reputation for your skill if you are a new writer and established writers can affirm their status as industry pros.