A guide to what VPS hosting is and when you need it.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is server which is divided from a single physical or dedicated server with more and dedicated resources as compared to shared hosting.

Generally shared hosting is for small websites. The cost implement in shared hosting is low as the users do not have more control with the servers for changing the various settings or customizing various controls like switching operating system, SSH, etc.

What is VPS hosting

It is a kind of small server in which you can operate your website or CMS without affecting the other websites. A VPS has its own operating system and software which will operate like a dedicated server and its will not affect the other websites hosted on same server.

VPS comes with lots of features like high and dedicated server resources, custom firewall, unlimited domain hosting, fully managed etc.

The most important thing in VPS is the root of that Virtual server. So a user can install or remove any program or software and can set permission according to the requirement. So in simple words we can say that in VPS a user have high levels of control as compared to shared hosting platform.

When do I need to go for VPS Hosting?

High Traffic: If you are receiving the notification from your shared hosting provider that the heavy traffic of your website is consuming high server resources then it is time to move to VPS hosting to grow further.

Trustworthy & Threat: If you need to stable or high server resources and you want to customize the various features like scheduling backup, monitoring various tasks of your hosting account and enable SSH then it’s time to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Full Control/Root Access: Sometime you may require complete control like root level control for installing custom software or for customizing various server configuration. So in such cases VPS will give you better and more control to your virtual sever as compared to shared hosting.

Faster upgrade: You can easily upgrade VPS for higher bandwidth, more CPU usage and RAM. You can upgrade in such cases in real time without the server reboot.

Multiple Domain Hosting: As in shared hosting they offer multiple domains hosting but does not allocate enough resources for smooth performance. So if you don’t want to suffer such performances issues then it’s time for you to upgrade your current hosting plan to higher plan.

Advantages of VPS hosting:

1) Less Expensive: VPS hosting is less expensive than a full fledge dedicated server.

2) Dedicated Resources: More allotment resources like CPU Usage, RAM, Disk-Space as compared to shared hosting platform. In VPS you can assign or allot your own resources to a website as per your requirement.

3) Flexibility: You can install any software or operating system in VPS. You can install any CMS and operating system on VPS as per your requirements.

4) Performance: With high server allotted resources in VPS will improve the performance of your website like low load time, etc.

5) Scalability: In VPS the activities of other website and traffic of other website will not affect the performance of your website.


If you want a server environment with freedom to choose and set any configuration then it’s a time to upgrade your hosting plan to VPS hosting.

Moreover if you have a large website and have large number of traffic then it is a best time for you to upgrade your hosting plan to VPS hosting.

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