What is a domain Auth/EPP code and how to get yours

An Authorization code (also known as auth code or EPP code or domain transfer secret) is a security key available with domain names to prevent unauthorized domain transfer without the permission of the domain owner/registrant. It is like a password for your domain name which is issued at the time the domain is registered. EPP code is unique for every domain name and hence provides the extra security against domain theft.

It is needed in case you want to transfer your domain from one registrar to a new registrar. A domain cannot be transferred without an EPP code. You can get your EPP/Auth code from your current domain registrar. Almost all domain extensions including .com, .com.ng, .ng, .net, .biz, org etc. require an EPP code to transfer them.

How can I get my Domain Auth/EPP Code?

This depends on provider to provider. You can either find your EPP/Auth Code details in your client panel with your Domain Registrar. While some registrar email it to your domain admin contact email at your request. But if you still can’t find your Auth code then you can contact your registrar to give it to you.

If you have registered your domain with DomanKing.NG, then you can find your EPP Code in your client panel under the Domain Management Section.

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