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The ultimate guide to getting started with web hosting

We would first like to thank you for choosing DomainKing.NG as the starting point of your online presence & buying hosting from us.

After your hosting account is active you will automatically receive your hosting account details sent to you via email.
For your hosting account details please read your emails sent to you with subject: “New Hosting Account Information” and save them on your computer for future reference. Please check your email’s inbox and spam folder for these emails.

It will have all the information you need access your hosting cpanel, FTP, mail etc.

Now using those details you can start your online Journey! Here’s what you can do with your hosting.

1.Update your Nameservers:

Update Nameservers of your Domain Name

The first thing that you would need to make sure is that your domain name is pointing correctly to our hosting nameservers. It is important that your domain name should be pointed /linked to your hosting otherwise you are unable to use your hosting for accessing your website.

If you have bought both hosting and domain name from us then you do not need to update the nameservers as it is likely that we have already done it for you.

Also read How to Change the nameservers of your domain

But in case you buy hosting from us and domain name from other hosting provider then you need to
enter our nameservers in your domain panel at your domain provider to link up your hosting with your domain.

Note: It can take few hours (24-48 hours max) for the website to come online after nameserver change as it is dependent on DNS propagation at your ISP (company that you bought your internet connection from) which can take few hours to update the DNS settings.

2. How to Upload and create your website:

Upload your Website on the Server

Now it is time to make your website live. The chances are that you already have a website that you want to upload on the server. You can easily upload the files of your website on our server, using FTP or Cpanel.

You can upload your website via FTP using FTP clients like Filezilla. Or in case you don’t like to use FTP Softwares. There is a simpler way to upload Files. You can easily upload your Files using CPanel’s Easy to Use File Manager.

Read our How to upload your website on the server guide

In case you haven’t already created your website then you can create a website using CMS like WordPress,Joomla,Magento etc. We have provide 1-click installation on all our hosting plans. You can install various CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. using Softaculous 1-click installer in cPanel.

With WordPress you can easily launch your website in a few minutes using thousands of free themes that WordPress gives you in their extensive theme/template library.

You can choose any of the themes available in WordPress’s theme library for your website. And using those themes you can start your website very easily & at cheaper cost. Most of the popular websites in Nigeria & globally run on WordPress.

Or you can also choose to get your website custom designer from your Web Designer or yourself. And you can also check out our Web design service if you want a custom beautiful design for your website or blog.

3. Adding another domain in your hosting account:

How to Add Addon Domain in your Hosting Account

You can host more than 1 domain on your hosting plan depending on hosting plan that you choose.

If you want to host more than one website.You can easily add addons domains to your existing hosting account.
For eg: In our Soldier hosting plan you can host 2 websites (i.e;1 primary domain website+1 add-on domain website).
Read this guide for adding addons in your hosting account

4. How to create emails from cPanel:

Creating Email accounts from cPanel

You can create unlimited email accounts on your domain in all our hosting plans. You can create custom emails like you@yourdomain.com, sales@yourcompany.com etc. from your cPanel for your business and personal use.

Read this guide for creating emails in your cPanel

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