How to view your website stats in cPanel using AWStats

AWstats is a feature in cPanel that allows you to view your website statistics like: website traffic, pageviews, pageloads etc. The Statistics given by AWstats are very useful show the information about the users accessing your website .

How to use AWstats in cPanel?

To check AWstats(AWstats shows different statistics and analysis of your website like website traffic, number of visitors, pagevies, payloads,visitors path,file types, visitors path, visits duration, authenticated users, Host Ip, page-URL etc.)for a domain click on the VIEW icon in front of the domain name for which you want to check the Statistics.

You can view the stats:

1) Monthly

2) Weekly

3) Hourly

In AWstats you can also view following information about your website:

Number of visits: How many unique visitors access your website.

Pages: In AWstats Pages shows that the visitors opens how many pages in your website.

Hits:It includes number of accessed files that were recorded for your pages. For example: if any of your website’s file having 2 other files then it counts 3 hits.

Bandwidth: It shows the data used by the visitors to access your website.

Page-URL: In page-URL you can view that which of your website’s pages consume more bandwidth.

How to check your website stats with AWstats in cPanel?

To view AWstats you need to do following steps:

1) Login to your cPanel.

2) Scroll down to Logs section and click on “AWstats” icon.

AWstat in cpanel

3) Now you can see a list of domains/sub-domains. For checking the stats for the Domain you need to click on the view icon in front of the Domain for which you want to see the Stats.

Select your domain

4) Now you will be redirected to the page where you can see the stat for your website as shown in the screenshot.

Awstat report in cpanel