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How to view the latest visitors to your website from your cPanel account

Latest Visitors is a feature in cPanel from which you can find out the most recent visitors at your website. This feature is very usefull in case of more insight on your website visitors. You can also check which page has been accessed by the visitor on your website, where did the visitor come from, how much resources has been consumed during the visit & lots of other useful information.

To check latest visitors from your cPanel you need to do following steps:


Step1: Login to your cPanel.

Step2: Scroll down to “Log” section and click on “latest visitors” icon.

Step3: Click on “View” button in front of your domain name for which you want to check the latest visitors. A list will open with following options:
IP: It is the Ip address of the visitor.
URL: The URL which is accessed by the visitors on your website is shown here.
Time: It shows the time when the visitor had visited your website.
Size(bytes): The data consumed at the time when the visitor had visited your website.
Referring URL: This will show you the URL/website from which the visitor has come to your website.
User Agent: The browser used by the visitor to access your website.
You can easily find out all the details of visitors visits to your website.

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