How to upload a Website on the Server: Step by Step Guide

In this guide we will show you simple steps on how you can upload your website and other files very easily on the server. There are several ways to upload your website on the server.

Please note that to upload your website on server, you must already have a Domain Name and Web Hosting account on which you can upload your files.

If you are looking to upload your website or files i.e. images, html etc. on your hosting account then there are 2 ways by which you can do it:

1). Uploading via cPanel File Manager.

2). Uploading by FTP using FileZilla FTP client.

Method 1) Upload using cPanel File Manager:

cPanel is the most popular panel for managing your hosting account. And you can easily download, manage and upload your website's files on server via cPanel File Manager.

Using this option you can upload your website's files on your hosting account using cPanel's inbuilt File Manager. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to upload the content using the cPanel:

1) Login to your cPanel.

2) In your cPanel, scroll down to the Files section and click on the File Manager icon.

File Manager in cpanel

3) Now you need to select your directory as Web Root (public_html/www) & choose your domain name from drop down arrow in case you have multiple domains under a hosting plan.

And then check on Show Hidden Files (dotfiles). Now click on Go button as shown in the below screenshot.

File Manager directory in cpanel

4) Now you are inside your File Manager in your cpanel. Click on Public_html folder shown at the left side on your screen under the folder directory. This will show all the list of files in your public_html folder.

Note: All files must be upload in public_html folder for you to see when you type the URL of your website i.e.

5) Click on Upload in your navigation bar on the top of the page.

Upload website in cpanel using File Manager

5) Click on Browse button and select the website's files from your PC/mobile which you want to upload.

Browse to your files in your PC

6) After selecting your files that you want to upload, click on Open button and wait for the uploading process to get completed.

Uploading process in cpanel

7) Once the uploading process is complete you need to click Go Back button. It will take you back to public_html folder in your cPanel.

Back to public html folder

Congratulations! Now your website has been uploaded. You can check your website by opening it in your browser.

Method 2) Uploading via FTP using Filezilla:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method by which you can remotely upload your website's files to server using FTP's clients like Filezilla software. You can easily upload you files from your PC/Mobile using FTP software like Filezilla.

This is the second and alternate way by which you can easily upload content on your hosting account. For uploading your website's files using Filezilla you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all open the FTP software like Filezilla that you have installed on your PC/mobile.

Note: If you don't already have FTP software like Filezilla then you can download Filezilla from here.

Step 2: Now you need to login to Filezilla. In the top of the navigation bar there are 3 fields. You need to enter the following:

Host Name: Enter the host as your domain name or the IP address of your hosting account that was sent to you in the email with subject "New Hosting Account Information". You can check your email for these details.

User Name: Enter the User name of your hosting account.

Password: Enter the password of your hosting account.

Note: Please note that if you have changed the password of your cPanel then the password for your FTP account will also change and it will be the same.

Port: Leave the port box blank.

filezilla login details

Step 3) After entering all your login details you need to click on Quickconnect button to connect Filezilla with your hosting account.

filezilla quickconnect

Now your FileZilla is successfully connected with your hosting account. Now you can upload your website content.

Step 4: On the right side under the Remote Site you will see list of folders of your hosting account on the server. You need to select the folder on server in which you want to upload your website as shown in the screenshot.

Note: All files must be upload in public_html folder for you to see when you type the URL of your website i.e.

Upload files via FTP

Step 5: Now on the left side under Local Site section you will see the list of folders of your PC/Desktop. You need to navigate to the files that you want to upload to server. Select the files that you want to upload and then Right Click on your files and click Upload.

Upload your website using Filezilla

Now your website's files are uploading to server. You can check the uploading process showing at the bottom of your Filezilla FTP client. Wait for the uploading of all your website's files to be completed.

Now your website has been successfully uploaded via FTP using Filezilla. You can check your website by opening it in your browser.