How to update your WordPress plugins

WordPress Plugins are useful when you want to add any new feature in your website. WordPress users can do many things in their website by installing the related plugins without coding.

Why is it important to update your WordPress plugins?

WordPress is a very popular CMS & it gives you the option to easily add new features to your website by installing a new plugin. And this sometimes is not such a good thing as any security flaw in any installed plugin can put your complete website at risk.

So it is very important to update you WordPress plugins because an outdated plugin can be easily used by hackers & spammers to spam from your website or hack your website putting your website & domain reputation at risk. So for the security reasons it is a must to regularly update

your WordPress installed plugins are important.

To update your WordPress plugins you need to do the following steps:

Step1: Login to your WordPress Admin panel.

Step2: Move your cursor on the “Plugins” link in the left side bar in your WordPress dashboard then click on “Installed plugins”. A list of all your installed plugin will appear.

Step3: Click on “Update Available” link at the top. A list of all the plugins will open for which any updates are available.

Step4: Now check the check box in front of plugins. Select “Update” in the “Bulk Action” drop down then click “Apply” button.

After that wait for a few minute while WordPress is updating all your plugins for you.

Once the plugins will be updated you will see the success message “plugins updated successfully”. Now all your plugins have been updated to the latest versions.