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Quick steps to transfer a domain name from Smartweb to DomainKing

In this tutorial we will show you step by step guide on How you can transfer your domain name from Smartweb Nigeria to DomainKing.NG.

Transferring your domain to us is easy & involves zero hassles. You just need to get your EPP code & unlock your domain before you can begin the domain transfer process.

Requirements for transferring your domain from Smartweb Nigeria:

1) EPP code: EPP code is the unique code for your domain that you can use to transfer your domain. It is provided to you by your domain provider or registrar & is a security code for your domain name.

2) Disable Registrar lock: Registrar lock is for security of your domain from unauthorized transfer. It is a form of lock on your domain such that nobody can transfer your domain without your permission. So if you want to transfer your domain you need to Disable Registrar Lock.

How to get EPP code from Smartweb Nigeria?

To get EPP code from Smartweb Nigeria you need to do following steps:
1) Login into your client panel at Smartweb Nigeria.

2) Click on “Domains” link in top Navigation bar in your client panel.
Client panel of Smartweb Nigeria

3) Now a complete list of Domains will open. Click on Domain Name which you want to transfer from the list of all your domains.
Manage your domains name at Smartweb Nigeria
4) Click on “Get EPP code” in manage Tool bar at the left hand side of your panel.
Get EPP code of domain name at Smartweb

You will now see the EPP code for transferring your domain. You can save your EPP code in your PC as this will be required during transfer.

EPP Code of domain name at Smartweb

How to Disable Registrar Lock at Smartweb Nigeria?

To unlock your domain with Smartweb Nigeria you need to do following steps:
1) Login into your client panel at Smartweb Nigeria.
2) Click on “Domains” in top Navigation bar.
Client panel of Smartweb

3) Now from the list of all your domains Click on Domain Name for which you want to Disable registrar Lock.

Manage domains name

4) Click on “Registrar lock” in the Manage sidebar.
Registrar lock of domain name at Smartweb

5) Click on “Disable Registrar Lock” button as shown in the screenshot below.
Disable Registrar lock at Smartweb Nigeria

After you disabled your registrar lock your domain will be ready to transfer. Now you need to place a domain transfer order with DomainKing.

Place the Domain transfer order & Initiate Transfer
Place the domain transfer order at Domainking.ng for transferring your Domain to us from the domain transfer page. On the transfer page you need to enter your EPP code & complete the domain transfer order by making the payment.

After that you will get a domain transfer Initiation Email at your Email address that you had used during placing of domain transfer order at DomainKing.NG. You need to initiate the transfer of your Domain name by clicking on the link in the Email.

After clicking that link your domain transfer will be initiated. Now you are just 1 step away from transferring your domain name to us.

Approve the domain transfer Request:

This is the Final Step.You also get another Email from your previous Domain provider to verify that you want to transfer your Domain. You need to click on the link in that Email to approve the domain transfer request.

Once you have approved the domain transfer, the domain will be transferred to us within 24-48 hours.

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