How to captcha to stop comment spam in WordPress

Comment Spams are one of the most common issue for Wordpess users.These are the spams with multiple comments that mainly targets the websites in the form of malicious contents, promotional advertisements/links, unwanted random comments etc.

In shared hosting, if spams are running on a website then it can affect server’s performance and affects all other clients which are hosted on the same server.

So for preventing spams you can install anti spam plugins like Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft that helps in blocking spams on your WordPress website.

After installing and activating the captcha plugin you need to configure some settings in the plugin. Follow the mentioned steps to enable the captcha plugin from your WordPress dashboard:

1) Login into your WordPress dashboard.

2) Navigate to plugins section and click on “Add New” and now install “Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft”.

3) After activating the captcha plugin you have to click on settings for configuring captcha settings.

4) During configuring the settings you will see a notification at the top “reCAPTCHA API Keys are missing” So you have to fix this.

5) Below this notification under “Authentication” section click on “here” for registering the captcha keys and then you need to login into your gmail account .

6) Once you login to your gmail account you will see a form of customer acceptance that you really agree to enable this service after that you will be redirected to a page where you want to of “google recapctha”
now you need to click on “get reCAPTCHA” button at the top right corner.

7) Now you will be redirected to google recaptcha page where you need to register keys on your site.

Here, you need to enter the values in “Register a new site”.

Firstly under the “label” section you need o enter the “domain name: page name” where you want to enable the capctcha.

Now in “domains” you need to enter your domain name and sub domains(if any). After that click on “register” button.

8) Once you register your site domains you are redirected to a page where there is a procedure to add capctha to your website.

Now navigate to keys section and copy both keys i.e; site and secret keys.

and after that at the bottom click on save changes for saving the settings.

9) Now you need to open the settings of your cache plugin and site(public) and secret key(private key)
after that set all other settings.

By this way you can enable Captcha on your WordPress website.