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How to set up an email account on your Android phone

Android platform is the most popular and widely used mobile platform in world. With the passage of time android devices are going more popular due to its features as compared to others platform.

Due to lots of features and lots of functionality in the latest version of android people are switching their mobile devices to android devices. These android devices are now become the personal gadgets for everyone’s needs.

How to Setup an Email account in Android

So most of the domain registrant want to configure their customize email in their android device so that they don’t need to start their PC/Laptop for accessing their email.

In this article we are discussing about setting up an email account on Android device. By using this article you can easily set up your email account on android device.

Requirements to set up email account:

Before setting up the customize email on the android mobile, you need to check some of few basic requirements. We are listing some requirements to setting up an email account as given below:

1) Domain Name: You should have Domain name first such as: example.com

If you have not registered your domain yet then you can easily register your domain with us.

You can take help from our domain registration guide if you are facing any issue while placing your domain registration order.

2) Customize Email or Webmail For setting up your email account with android device you should have an email account created first such as youremail@example.com

3) Email login password: You should have your email account Password.

4) Email Settings: For configuring cPanel email in your android device, email settings are also required.

If you don’t know your email settings that required to set up email client then you can check it from your cPanel by taking help from our guide.

Procedure to setting up an email account on android:

Step 1) First of all you need to navigate to your Applications Screen on your android device.

Step 2) In application screen, you need to tap Mail or Email application as shown in this below screen-shot.

android mail icon

After tapping the Mail or Email, Add Account window will appear on your screen.

Step 3) In Add Account page, you need to type some information to set up your email as described below:

Email address: In this field you need to type your customize email address.

Password: Here you need to type your email’s password.

Default Settings: In this filed you need to tap your preferred account type. You can select any of the mail box type from POP3, IMAP and Exchange.

Note: We recommend our clients to download IMAP as POP3 will delete your actual email from server after downloading it in your device.

Before going setting up POP3 and IMAP settings you can read about POP3 and IMAP

add account

Step 4) Now you will be redirected to Server Settings screen where you will see some sections in which you need to enter your configuration as described below:


Email: Enter your customize email here.

User-name: Enter your email user-name here.

Password: Enter your email password here.

Incoming mail server:

Server: Enter your incoming mail server.

Port: Enter Port number here.

Security type: You need to select your security type. You can select any kind from SSL/TLS or None for non SSL/TLS.

Note: We recommend our client to select SSL/TLS as it automatically select the port.

Outgoing mail server:

SMTP server: Enter your Outgoing mail Server.

Port: Enter post number here.

server settings

Step 5) Now you need to tap Done to complete the email setup process.


Congratulations! Your customize email is successfully configured on your Android device.

Now you can send and receive email from your android device without accessing it on your PC/Laptop.


Thanks for reading and following the steps mentioned in this article to configure your cPanel email.

If you are still facing any issue or getting any error while setting up cPanel email in your android mobile then you can contact our support team or you can contact our chat support team.

They will assist you to resolve your issue.

I hope this article helped you a lot to configure your cPanel email account in your android mobile. You can also read our other articles regarding customize emails.

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