How to setup a domain redirect in your cPanel account

Domain redirection is a feature of pointing/sending or redirecting a URL to another URL whenever someone will open your domain in the browser. And a domain redirection may be temporary, permanent, wildcard etc. You can set domain redirection from his cPanel using the below mentioned steps:

Step1: Login To cPanel.

Step2: Scroll down to Domains section and click on “Redirects” icon.

Domain Redirects in cpanel

Step3: Under Add Redirect section, there are a few options which you need to fill and select:

Type: Select the type of redirect that you want to setup on your domain. You can setup either Permanent Redirect(301) or Temporary Redirect(302).

Permanent Redirect(301): You need to select permanent redirect in case the URL hase been permanently moved to the new URL to which you want to redirect. This is generally to tell the visitors & Google Search bot that the page has been permanently moved to a new location.

Temporary Redirect(302): It need to be selected only if your URL to which you are redirecting your domain is temporary or may be some short period of time. And very soon you are going to move back to the original URL.

http://(www.)?: Please select your domain name with desired directory name if you want to redirect a directory too.

For example: If you want to redirect, then you will select from drop-down & enter blog in the text box beside the domain name.

Redirects to: Under this you need to enter the address/full URL of the domain name to which you want to redirect your current domain name. Like if you want to redirect to say then enter in this box.

www. Redirection: In this option please select the type of your redirection that you want for “www” traffic to your domain. There are number of options available for “www” redirection explained below:

Only redirect with www.: This option needs to be selected in case if you want to only redirect your domain in case any visitor is typing And visitor opening your website without “www” won’t be redirected.

Redirect with or without www.: Select this option if you want the both “www” & “non www” visitors to be redirected. It means anyone who is trying to open your website with www or without typing www before your domain name, both will be redirected. So its the most recommended option.

Do Not Redirect www.: It works when you only want visitors to be redirected to another domain when they are not typing “www” before your domain name.

Wildcard Redirect: In wildcard redirect every redirection will work. A visitor can type www or without www, or can open any direcyory URL on your domain like, it will automaticaly redirect the visitor to your new given URL. Also all the links will be working without www. or with www.

Permanent Redirection in cPanel

So after choosing the above mentioned options just click on “Add” button.

Setup Domain Redirection in cpanel

Step4: Please confirm by opening both your domain addresses/URL in the browser. Your domain redirection setting should now be live on your website.