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How to setup domain forwarding using the simple DNS manager

Domain URL forward means in which you can forward your domain name to any other domain name. It means that if you will forward ABC domain to XYZ domain then every time anyone will trying to open ABC domain it will automatically redirect to XYZ domain.

How to forward domain URL with DomainKing.NG?

To forward your domain URL you need to follow the following steps:

Step1: Login to your client panel.

Step2: In navigation bar click on “My Domains”. A list of Domains will open.

My Domains in DomainKing.NG client panel

Step3: Scroll down to My Domains section and then click on “Manage” button in front of domain which you want to forward.

Manage Domains in DomainKing.NG client panel

Step4: Scroll down & click on “Simple DNS Manager”.

Simple DNS Manager at DomainKing.NG

Step5: In Client Area a table will open by which you can set forwards for your domain. It shows 4 rows as follows:

a) Host Name: In this field please enter “@”.

b) Record Type: From the drop down menu you need to select “URL Redirect”.

c) Address: In this box you need to enter the URL to which you want to forward your Domain.

d) Priority: Keep this field blank.

URL redirect at DomainKing.NG

Step6: After filling all the fields scroll down and click on “Save Changes” button.
Save Domain URL redirect

By following above mention steps you will be able to forward yourdomain.com to a desired URL. So for now if anyone will open yourdomain.com it will automatically redirect to your new domain at which you set forward.

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