How to perform a home directory restore in cPanel using a backup

In this Article, we are discussing about to Restore a Home Directory Backup in your cPanel. This is important to know how to Restore Backup of your website and necessary files from your cPanel because sometimes you had deleted your files or email accounts from your website accidentally and you want to have that files back.

Therefore, by restoring your website Backup you will have your files and website back to a previous date when you made last backup for your website.

Step 1) Login to your cPanel account.

Step 2) Scroll down to Files section and click on Backup icon.

Backups in cPanel

Step 3) Now you need to scroll down to Partial Backups section.

partial Backups section in cPanel

Step 4) Under Partial Backup Section you need to click on Browse button just below the Restore a Home Directory Backup as shown in the below screenshot.

Browse home directory file for restoring

Step 5) After selecting the files in pop-up window from your PC/Laptop, uploaded file name is displaying on the screen.

Backup file name

Step 6) Now you need to click on the Upload button as shown in the below screenshot.

Upload home directory backup for restoring

Step 7) After clicking on Upload button you will see the process of restoring the files on your screen.

Process of restoring files

Congratulations Your Home Directory Backup of your website has been Restored.

Now, we hope you will be able to Restore your Home Directory Backup in your cPanel easily by following the above given steps.