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How to reset your WordPress password in phpMyAdmin

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) and time & again you may need to change your WordPress admin password for your security. Or maybe you have lost your password. But that no problem as you can easily reset your WordPress password from your database in cPanel. In this guide we will cover in detail all the steps that are required to change your WordPress Admin password using phpMyAdmin from cPanel.

You can change your WordPress login password in case you have forget your password or you want to change the password of your WordPress admin login to a stronger password. For changing the WordPress password using phpmyadmin from your database in cPanel, you need to do the following 3 things:
1) Encrypt new WordPress password in MD5 Encryption format.
2) Check the WordPress database name from cPanel.
3) Change your WordPress password using phpMyAdmin.

Checking WordPress Database Name from file Manager in cPanel

The first step to change your WordPress Admin password from database is to locate the database name for your WordPress. This is very important in case you will have multiple number of databases in your cPanel. So you need to know which database you need to edit before editing the password in the database.
To locate your WordPress Database name from your cPanel you need to do following steps:

1) Login to your cPanel.

2) Scroll down to Files section and then click on “File Manager” icon.

File Manager in cpanel

3) Now on the left side of the page you need to click on “Public-html” folder from the folder directory list.

Public_html folder in cpanel

4) Navigate to wp-config.php file in public_html folder. Click on “wp-Config.php” file and then click on View.

Viw wp-config file in cpanel

Note: If you have installed WordPress on a Sub-Domain or an Add-On domain in your cPanel & want to check the name of Sub-Domain or Add-On domain’s WordPress database then for that, you need to double click on your sub-domain/add-on domain’s folder name in Public-html folder . After that you need to follow the 4th step.

For example: If you have installed WordPress on blog.yourdomain.com, then in your public_html folder in your cPanel file manager, you need to locate the blog folder & open it. And then locate the wp-config.php file in the blog folder.

In the wp-config file, you can now check your WordPress database name as shown in the screenshot.

Wordpress database check in cpanel

Now in your WordPress database you can change you WordPress admin/login password from cPanel using phpMyAdmin.

How to Encrypt password in MD5 Encrypt format?

After you have located your WordPress database name, you need to generate your new WordPress login password in md5 format.

By default all the passwords for users in WordPress are stored in the database in MD5 format. So if you want to change your password in WordPress using phpMyAdmin from your database, then you must also get the MD5 encryption code for your new password before you can change it.
To encrypt your WordPress Admin password in md5 format you need to do the following:

1) Click here to encrypt your new password in md5 format.

2) In Enter your text to encrypt: field you need to enter your new password thst you want to use for your WordPress login and then press Encrypt! button.

3) Now you can note the code in Md5 Encrypt format to save it to your computer as this code will be used in the final step.

Change your WordPress Login password using phpMyAdmin in cPanel?

phpMyAdmin is a tool in cPanel for easily managing your database. And you can use it to manage, modify & make changes to your WordPress database.

For changing login password of your WordPress using phpMyAdmin you need to do the following:
1) Login to your cPanel.

2) Scroll down to Databases section in your cPanel and then click on “phpMyAdmin” icon as shown in the screenshot below.

phpmyadmin icon in cPanel

3 You will now be redirected to phpMyAdmin panel. At the top left side of phpMyAdmin panel you will see your domain name. Click on “+” to expand the databases for your domain then you will see a WordPress database list.

Select WordPress database in phpmyadmin

4) Click on WordPress database name for which you want to change the WordPress login password. See the screenshot below:

Note:For reference to the database located in Step 1 of this guide.

Wordpress databases in cpanel

5) Now you will see a table on the screen and you need to click on “wp_users”.

Wp-users in phpmyadmin

6) Click on “Edit” button as shown in the screenshot.

Edit Wp-users in phpmyadmin database

Now a list of various fields in your WordPress database will appear on your screen.

7) For changing your WordPress admin password your need to enter the MD5 encrypted password in “user_pass” filed as shown in the screenshot.

Wordpress user password in phpmyadmin

8) After entering your encrypted password, now click on “GO” button at the bottom right end of the page.

Congratulation! Your WordPress password has been changed. You can now login to your WordPress dashboard with new password.

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