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How to reset your DomainKing.NG client area password

Sometimes you will forgot Password of your “Client Panel” with DomainKing.NG and unable to login to your client panel. Then the only way to enter in your client panel is to reset the password of your client panel . This Guide will help you to Reset the Password of client panel with DomainKing.NG.

For resetting the password of your Client Panel you need to follow the following steps:

1) To reset the password of your client panel please visit this Link: http://clients.domainking.ng/pwreset.php
2) In the given box you need to enter the email address that you have registered with us while creating your account.
3) Click on “Submit” button.
Enter Email Address DomainKing.NG
4) After that you will Receive an email from DomainKing.NG in which you will get a link for reset your client panel’s password.
Enter Email Address DomainKing.NG
5) Click on that link which is mentioned in the Email and you will redirect to the Password reset page.
6) Now under “Lost Password reset” you will see two boxes. in New Password you need to enter the password that you want to set and in “Confirm New Password” Retype same password.
Enter Email Address DomainKing.NG
7) Click on the “Save Changes” button to save the New password.
Password changed DomainKing.NG
You have successfully reset your Client Panel password of DomainKing.NG and you will automatically redirect to your client panel. Now you can access the client panel through new password reset by you.

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