How to reset your cPanel password from the Domainking.NG client area

Resetting of password in cpanel is helpful when you don’t remember your password & are unable to login to your cpanel, or you forget your cPanel password. Then you can easily reset your cPanel password at DomainKing.NG from your client panel.

To reset your cPanel password you need to do the following:

1. Login to your client panel at Domainking.NG.

2. On the top of the Navigation bar, click on Services and the click on My Services

DomainKing.NG Cient panel My Services link

3. Click on Active in front of the hosting plan for which you want to change the password.

On the hosting plan for which you want to change the password, click on Active

4. Click on Change Password as shown.

Click on Change Password

5. Enter the following:

Enter New Password: (Here you enter your new password)

Confirm New Password: (Enter the new password again for confirmation)

Note: Enter a strong password using special characters, numbers, alphabets, etc. For example !E4%&h9)#>S*D for securing your hosting account from hacking attacks.

You can click on Generate Password to get a system-generated password.

Fill in the details to change your password

6. Click on the Save Change button.

Congratulations! now your cPanel password has been changed successfully. You can login to cPanel using your new password.

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