How to reset or change a cPanel password in WHM

In this article we are discussing about to “Change a cPanel Password from WHM” by help of Screenshots and description.

If you have VPS account, you have ability to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts. Once you will created cPanel accounts then according to your requirements you can reset your cPanel password’s anytime as per your wish.

Please follow below given steps to reset a cPanel password:

STEP 1) Log In to your WHM Interface.

STEP 2) Now after Logging in to WHM Interface, click on “Account Functions” showing in left hand side of display screen.

STEP 3) After clicking on Account Functions, the list of various Tabs are displaying on the left side of the screen. Now you need to click on “Password Modification” tab to reset your cPanel password.

STEP 4) In “Password Modification” you will see list of accounts. You need to select the account whose cPanel password you want to change.

STEP 5) Now, enter the New password in the “Password” field. you will also see WHM generate a strong password using the “Password Generator” button.

STEP 6) Now click on the “Change Password” button to change the password.

Now your cPanel password has been successfully changed from the WHM interface. You can now login to your cPanel with your new password that you have recently change or set.