How to pay an Invoice using Voguepay at Domainking.NG

Vouguepay is an online payment gateway in Nigeria that you can use on our website to pay with VISA card, Verve Card and Master Card or Quickteller for making payments. If you choose Voguepay payment gateway for making online payment you will get instant activation for your orders at DomainKing.NG.

Note: In this tutorial we are assuming that you have already placed an order and you are going to pay your invoice that has already been created. If have not placed an order already then firstly you should order product/service you want to buy. After that you can follow these steps.

Please follow the below mentioned steps for making payment through Voguepay at DomainKing.NG:

1) Login to client panel at Domainking.NG.

2) Click on “My Invoices” at the top navigation bar.

click on my invoices

3) Now scroll down to My Invoices section and click on “View Invoice” link ahead of your unpaid invoice that you want to pay as shown in below screenshot.

click on view invoice

4) Select Voguepay payment gateway from the dropdown menu on the top right.

select Voguepay from dropdown menu

5) Click on “pay now” button.

click on pay now

Now you will redirect to Voguepay section and your transaction ID will be generated for your invoice.

6) Select any one of the Payment Option with which you are making payment like VISA, Master and Verve card as shown in the screenshot.

select a payment option to pay your unpaid invoice

7) Now enter your EMAIL for getting your order confirmation mail and click on “Make Payment” button.

enter your email to get a confirmation mail

8) After processing, you will be redirected to “Card Payment Details” where you want to fill the required card details as shown in the screenshot:

enter card details for making payment

9) After entering all your details click on”OK”button to make the payment using Voguepay.

press ok

Now your invoice has been paid and your order will be automatically activated. You will also receive the confirmation email. Please check your email for your order confirmation and activation details.