How to modify and add an MX record in your cPanel account

MX(Mail Exchanger) records are the records in DNS(Domain Name System) that helps to inform the mail client i.e;(SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)to select which server accepts and receives the emails for the domain.

In case you have domain and hosting with a hosting provider and you want to receive your emails on some another server then you need to modify your MX records so that your emails are going from the server that you want.

For eg: If you need to use google apps service for managing your emails then you need to enter the MX records provided by google in your cPanel of your hosting account.

Please follow the below mentioned steps for modifying or adding a MX record in your cPanel of your hosting account:

Step1: Login to your cPanel.

Step2: Now you need to scroll down to Mail section and under that you need to click on MX entry.

Now you will be redirected to MX entry page where you can modify your MX records.

Step3: Now navigate to Domainsection and from drop down menu select the domain for which you want to change or modify the MX records.

Step4: Once you have selected the domain you need to scroll down and navigate to “Add a New Record”section.

Now you need to fill the fields as follow:

Priority: Firstly you need to set the priority of the record that is the preference of the record(Here,0 is the highest priority).

Destination: Now you need to select the destination server where you want to receive your emails(here you need to enter the record that you want to set).

Step5: Click on “Add New Record” button to save the MX record.

If you want to modify an existing record:

a) Firstly you to navigate to MX records section below Add a New Record.

b) Here you see all your existing records.

c) Now you need to click on “Edit”link under the Action to edit a record.

d) Here you can change the priority and destination of the record.

e) Now click on“Edit” button to modify the record and Cancel to discard the changes.

By this way you can add a new record and modify an existing MX record.