4 Methods to to Install WordPress

A WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) or a tool written in PHP with the help of which a user can easily design and develop is website without the depth and core knowledge of programming.

With the help of WordPress one can easily create an attractive website easily. Now a days 80% websites on internet are developed on WordPress.

WordPress have a wide variety of theme and plugins categorized in WordPress library. SO you can say it is easy and quick method to develop or start a blog for beginner.

How to Install WordPress

With WordPress you can easily launch your website in a few minutes using thousands of free themes that WordPress gives you in their extensive theme/template library: https://wordpress.org/themes

You can choose any of the themes available in their theme library for your website. And using those themes you can start your website very easily & at cheaper cost. Most of the popular websites in Nigeria & globally run on WordPress.

Generally websites was developed in HTML and webmaster needs to code the various things in HTML that he want to display on the website. But now a day using WordPress you can simply type the content of website that you want to display, WordPress will code the whole things for you.

If you are looking for a tool or CMS with the help of which you want to develop your website and you have not much aware of the coding or language then WordPress is a right choice for you.

Now I am going to list various things due to which WordPress is a right choice for you:

1) Open Source: WordPress is an open source program and 80% webmasters are using to developed their websites. So it means you will easily get a solution on internet if you will face any issue related to WordPress.

2) User Friendly: WordPress is a user friendly CMS to easily manage the website and the content of website. A normal person who know how to operate computer can easily understand the WordPress and create a blog or website using WordPress.

3) SEO Friendly: WordPress is SEO friendly due to various factors like permalink staructure, publishing content structure, clean coding stracture etc. So it means if your website is developing on WordPress platform then you will get good result in SEO.

4) Wide WordPress Library: You can easily find the theme from WordPress libraray which will fulfill your requirement as per your content or topic on which you are creating a blog. You can easily install any plugin from WordPress library to increase the functionality of WordPress CMS.

Requirement for installing WordPress:

1) Domain Name: A domain name is the name of your website. Just Like Yahoo.com or yourdomain.com.ng. In this “Yahoo” and “yourdomain” are the names of your website. And .com & .com.ng are the domain extensions/tlds (top level domains). Choosing your domain extension totally depends on your preference and requirements.

You can register your domain name from our domain registration page.

If you are facing any difficulties while placing the domain order then you can take help from our domain registration guide.

How to Register a Domain with DomainKing.NG

2) Web Hosting: Web Hosting is a space on the server where you can host your website and display it online. Whenever someone open your website like “yourwebsite.com.ng” on their devices, then your website and its contents including images, videos, text, etc. will be displayed to them from the hosting provider’s server.

Choosing a web hosting plan totally depends on your requirements and what sort of website you want to create. But generally we recommend you to start with our smallest plans (Civilian plan or Soldier plan) and in future you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to higher plan that comes with more disk space and bandwidth according to your requirement.

You can check our Web Hosting Plans from our Web Hosting page.

You can also take help from our web hosting guide if you are facing any difficulty while placing the hosting order.

How to Buy Web Hosting from DomainKing.NG

On all our web-hosting plans you can easily install CMS softwares like wordpress, Joomla etc. with 1-click installer. Or you can also ask us to install these CMS for you.

There are lots of methods to install WordPress. But now I am listing few of them which is easy for you to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Methods to install WordPress:

1) Install WordPress in cPanel using Solftaculous

2) How to Install WordPress manually

3) How to Install WordPress on Localhost/PC

4) How to Install & Setup WordPress Multisite Network

Now let me explain you all the above method one by one so that you can easily install WordPress by mentioning the steps mentioned as described below.

Method 1) How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Solftaculous

Softaculous is a script with the help of which you can easily install a CMS or script on 1 click. Generally Softaculous have wide varity of CMS or scripts that can install in hosting account.

There are lots of CMS and scripts available in Softaculous to install on hosting account to create a website like ecomerece website, forum website or to create a blog.

Moreover there are lots of features like update plugins and theme. You can also enable the auto update feature in Softacuolous. In case of forgetting the password of your CMS, you can easily reset from Softaculous.

Similarly you can easily create a WordPress in less than 2 minutes using softaculous.

If you also want to install WordPress in your cPanel account then you can take help from our below guide.

How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous

If you are not able to install WordPress yourself then you can contact our chat support team or raise a support ticket. Our support team will install it for you.

Method 2) How to Install WordPress manually

Sometimes hosting provider does not have 1-click installer configured on their server. In that case you need to install WordPress manually.

Moreover manually WordPress installation method is good to learn if your hosting provider does not offer such services related to installation of WordPress in cPanel.

You can easily install WordPress manually by taking help from our step by step guide.

There are lots of things that you can learn by installing WordPress. But the wordpress installation using Solftaculous is much more secure than manually installation.

If your hosting provider does not provide you 1-click installer and you want to install WordPress manually then you can take help from our WordPress manually installation guide.

How to Install WordPress Manually

Method 3) How to Install WordPress on Localhost/PC

Generally some users want to develop website on local host before it migrated to live website. For that case users have choice to install WordPress on their PC/Localhost using the WAMP or XAMP server.

WAMP and XAMP are free open source softwares used to develop website so that users can test their websites and remove bugs from it before migrating it to the live website.

WAMP means Window, Apache, MySQL, PHP whereas XAMP is X is any Operating System, Apache (Web server), MySQL Database, PHP Language and PERL. Both are using for executing php files or programs on localhost/PC while developing the website on localhost.

You can take help form out guides if you also want to install WordPress on Localhost/PC using the WAMP or XAMP server.

How to install WordPress on localhost using WAMP Server

How to install WordPress on localhost using XAMP Server

Method 4) How to Install & Setup WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress Multisite Network. I hope you must aware of this term. It is feature of WordPress that you can add multiple websites or you can develop multiple websites by installing a single WordPress on your hosting account.

You can develop and manage multiple website by installing WordPress Multisite Netowork. If you have sub-domain or have multiple directories in which you want to install WordPress then WordPres Multisite Network is a good choice for you.

Moreover you can also allow other users to start a blog on your WordPress multisite network by creating their user and adding a site on your WordPress multisite network.

In WordPress multisite admin can install theme and plugins and make them available for other users for using it on websites.

Also in this WordPress multisiste admin can change the theme and plugins of all websites under multisite network.

If you also want to install WordPress Multisite on your hosting plan then you an take help form our guide.

How to install WordPress Multisite Network


First of all I would like to thank you for giving your precious time and following the methods mentioned in this article.

If you want to give your review or want to tell something then you can give your valuable feedback via below comment box.

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