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How to install WordPress on WAMP Server

Are you looking for taking the help in installation of WordPress on your local host using the WAMP.
If you are looking for a tutorial with the help of which you can easily install WordPress using WAMP on your localhost or PC then you are at right place.

If you want to test your website before updating it to actual server for live then installing WordPress on WAMPis great idea.

Install WordPress on WAMP Server

There are lots of advantages of testing websites before it upload to actual server as you can check the remove the various bugs from your website. Website developed on WAMP is not visible to anyone on internet as it is installed and saved it on your local PC/Laptop.

In this article we will cover the all the topics that required to set and configure the the WAMP server on your window PC to install WordPress.

The Installation of WordPress on localhost using the WAMP server include the below mentioned steps.

We will cover the below mentioned topics in this article with the help of which you can easily install WordPress on localhost using the WAMP.

First of all lets start from a definition and understanding of WAMP server. Now let me explain it to you about th WAMP server.

What is WAMP?

WAMP is a window software and the short form of Window, Apache MySQL and phpMyAdmin. WAMP server is used to install on window for the installation of WordPress to test and develop the website on localhost before it will going to live on internet.

Using the WAMP server you can easily develop and test your website on your PC/laptop for various purposes like checking and testing for removing the bugs, etc.

Website developing on WAMP will be visible to user of PC/Laptop as it is not live. So to live your website you need to buy a domain and hosting plan. After that you can migrate your website from localhost to your hosting account.

Requirements to Install WordPress on WAMP:

1) PC/Laptop with installed Window operating system.
2) Working Internet connection.

So for installing of WordPress on WAMP include the various steps that I am going to listing below.

Steps to Install WordPress on WAMP:

1) Download and Install WAMP Server
2) Create a Database for your WordPress website
3) Download & Installing WordPress on WAMP

Now let me explain all the above steps in details with the help of which you can easily install WordPress on localhost using the WAMP server.

Step 1) Download and Install WAMP Server:

First of all you need to download the latest version of WAMP server from the official website of WAMP.

For downloading the WordPress you can simply follow the below mentioned steps:

1) Download the latest version of WAMP server from the official website of WAMP.

Note: Please carefully download the latest version of WAMP server as per your installed window version.

2) After downloading the setup of WMP server you can simply double click on the installation file to start the installation of WAMP server on your PC/Laptop.

Now you can follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation process of WAMP server on the localhost.

Installing WAMP Server

3) While Installtion of WAMP server a pop box will open in which you need to select the browser to set it as default.

Choose Browser WAMP

4) Now you will see a pop up in which you need to input some of the settings as described below:

SMTP: Write Localhost in this field.

Email: You can write your any active email.

Once done with entering the above details you the follow the on-screen instruction until the completion of installation process.

When WAMP server is installed on your localhost, you can open the WAMP server by double clicking on the icon on your home screen or by checking the option while clicking on Finish.

Step 2) Creating a Database for your WordPress website:

As you are going to install the WordPress on WAMP server so first of all you need to create the database of WordPress website.

For a WordPress website database is a important part. WordPress database store all the data of WordPress website. The post, users and all your content is stored in the WordPress database.

So before installation of WordPress you need to create a database of your WordPress website. You can easily create the backup of your WordPress website from phpMyAdmin by taking help from below steps:

1) First of all you need to navigate to system tray and then click on WAMP icon > mysql > mysql console

MySQL Console in WAMP

2) After opening the mysql console you need to write the below commands one by one to reset the password.

use mysql; update user set authentication_string=password(‘your_password’) where user=’root’;

3) Once done with typing the above commands one by one, you can login using:

Username: root
Password: your_password

4) Now the phpMyAdmin is displaying on your screen. You need to create a database in phpMyAdmin. You need to click on Databases to create a database.

Create a Database in WAMP

5) You need to enter the database name in Database Name field and click on Create button as shown in the below screenshot.

Click on Create Button

Congratulations! your database has been created, you can check it on the left side of the screen.

Step 3) Download & Installing WordPress on WAMP

This last step include the download and installation of WordPress on your PC/laptop after configuring the database in your phpMyadmin as described above.

Let me elaborate this step by dividing it in two parts:

Download WordPress:

1) First of all you need to download WordPress from WordPress website. You can download and save the WordPress in your PC/Laptop which will be in .zip format.

Download WordPress

2) Once done with downloading the zip file you can extract the zip file where you want to extract in your PC/laptop.

Extract WordPress Zip File

3) After extracting the zip file you need to rename the extracted folder as per your wish.

Rename WordPress Extracted folder

4) Now you need to move the folder to C > <WAMP > www folder and paste the folder.

Installing WordPress:

1) For installing WordPress forst of all you need to open the browser in your PC/Laptop and open the below URL: http://localhost/wordpress

Note: You need to replace the wordpress in above URL with your folder name.

2) Now you need to select your preferred language. You can select your preferred language and then press Continue button.

Select Preferred Language WordPress

3) A Welcome to WordPress page is now displaying on the screen. You need to click Let’s Go button to proceed to the installation of WordPress.

Let's Go WordPress

4) In the next screen, you need to enter some fields as described below:
Database name: You can write database name as created above.
Username: You need to enter root here as we have set root username in phpMyAdmin
Password: You can enter any password or leave it blank.
Database Host: You need to write localhost here.
Table Prefix: You can write wp_ or any name end with _.

Database Connection Deails in WAMP

5) One done with filling the above details, you need to click on Submit button.

6) Now please wait for few minutes for the installation until a page appear on the screen to enter the following:

Site Title: Enter the tile for your website
Username: Enter the username for WordPress Admin Panel
Password: You can write password for above usernme for logging to your WordPress Admin Panel.
Your Email: You can write your email here.
Search Engine Visibility: For enabling search engine to crawl your website check this option. But this option will not enable as you are installing WordPress on your PC/Laptop.

Information Needed in WordPress WAMP

Congratulations! WordPress has been successfully installed on your PC/Laptop using WAMP server as described above in simple steps.

You can now login to your WordPress Admin Panel using this link: http://localhost/folder_name/wp-admin

If you want to view your website then you can view it using this link: http://localhost/folder_name/

At last you can set permalink of WordPress website using our guide.

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