How to install Joomla via Softaculous in your cPanel account

Joomla is a popular CMS (Content Management System) used by many Webmasters & Bloggers for creating their blogs & websites.

By using Joomla you can create your website very easily in just a few minutes. You can install your themes for your website’s design, install new plugins to add features to your website without having to code a single line, create as many pages & posts in your website & do a lot more with Joomla.

It can be very difficult to install Joomla manually. But using Softaculous one click Installer, you can easily install Joomla on your website in few simple steps & in less than 5 minutes.

To install Joomla on your cPanel Hosting using Softaculous, you need to do the following:

Step1: Login into your cPanel.

Step2: Scroll down to Softaculous App Installer section and click on “joomla” icon.

Click on Joomla-icon

Step3: At the top navigation bar click on “Install” button.

Click to Install-Joomla

Step4: Enter the following details under “Software Setup”:

Choose Protocol: From the drop down select “http://www.”. This will install Joomla on “”. If you have installed SSL on your domain then you need to select “https://www.” option.

Choose Domain: Select your domain name from the drop down on which you want to install Joomla.

In Directory: Delete “joomla 16” from here and keep it blank to install Joomla on your root directory. If you are not deleting “joomla 16” it will install Joomla in “Joomla 16 sub-directory” and the URL of your website will be create like So you need to keep blank this field.

Enter Joomla details under software-setup

Step5: Enter the following details under “Site Settings” section:

Site Name: In this field you need to enter the name of your blog or website which you want to show on your website. Example: “Baba Publications”.

Site Description: Here you can enter the description of your Website. Example: “Educational Blog”.

Enter website details

Step6: Enter the following details under “Database Settings” section:

Import Sample Data: Please don’t make any changes here. Keep it “None”.

Enter database setting for Joomla

Step7: Enter the following details under “Admin Account” section:

Admin Username: Enter the user name for your Joomla login.

Admin Password:Enter a password according to you for Joomla admin panel.

Note: Please note that you can use password generator to set password. Because it generate safe passwords which cannot be hacked by the hackers.

Real Name: Please don’t make any changes here. Keep here “Administrator”.

Admin Email: Enter your email that you want to use with your admin.

Note: Please save all these details in your PC/laptop as these details will used for login to joomla dashboard.

Enter Joomla admin login details

Step8: Enter the following details under “Choose Language” section:

Select Language: English language is selected by default. So you don’t need to change it.

Choose language for Joomla Installation

Step9: Review the Following options:

Advanced Options: You don’t need to make any changes here.

Email Installation details: Before clicking on the install button you need to enter your Email address in this box at which you want to receive your Joomla details after installation.

Click Install button to start installation

Step10: Click on “Install” button.

Joomla Installation completed

Now Joomla has been installed on your website. You will receive a confirmation email on your email address which was entered by you during installation.

You can access your Joomla admin panel from In the login page enter username and password which you have entered during joomla installation.