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How to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at DomainKing

If you need more resources like more Disk space, Bandwidth, more add-on domains & other extra features, then you can choose to Upgrade your Web hosting plan to a higher plan.
Similarly, if you think that you don’t need the disk space, bandwidth & other features in your current plan & find a smaller plan would be more suitable for your requirement, then you can choose to downgrade your current hosting plan to a smaller hosting plan with DomainKing.NG.

But currently Upgrades or Downgrades can only be done manually by our billing team. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan with us by simply contacting us with your domain name & the new plan to which you want to upgrade/downgrade.

To upgrade/downgrade your hosting plan to some other plan, you need to do the following:
1) Choose the plan to which you want to Upgrade/Downgrade: Select the plan to which you want to upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan. You can select & let us know the new plan according to your requirement from our web hosting page.
Note: During upgrade/downgrade normal hosting renewal charges will be applied and coupons or discounts are not valid or available during upgrade/downgrade.
2) Contact Us: Contact our support team with the following 2 details:
a) Your Domain name of the hosting plan that you want to upgrade/downgrade.

b) New Hosting plan to which you want to Upgrade/Downgrade: Tell us the plan name to which you want to upgrade/downgrade.
You can send the following email to support[at]domainking.ng or by raising the support ticket:
“Please send me an invoice for upgrade of my Soldier Hosting plan (replace with your current plan name) to King Hosting plan (replace with the plan name to which you want to move) for mydomain.com (replace with your domain name).”

Our support team will upgrade/downgrade your hosting plan accordingly.
In case of Upgrade once you have paid the invoice your hosting account is automatically upgraded to higher plan.
In case of downgrade, once the downgrade request is approved we will add the amount difference in your credit balance. You can use your credit balance to renew services or to buy new products/services from DomainKing.NG.

How Upgrade/Downgrade Amounts are calculated:

Hosting Upgrades/downgrades doesn’t involve placing a new order. On upgrade your website is moved to a new plan. So the bandwidth and space of previous plan doesn’t add up in the new plan. The billing for plan upgrade is done on pro-rata basis.

For Example: If you are currently in Civilian Plan with 500 MB Space and 5 GB Bandwidth, cost of which is N1600 for 365 days or 1 year. And you decide to upgrade to Commander Plan (2 GB Space and 20 GB Bandwidth) after 30 days. The amount for remaining term (335 Days) of Civilian Plan will be deducted from the price of Commander Plan. And you will only be billed for the amount that is calculated after this deduction.

So in simpler words, your upgrade bill will be calculated as follows:
Price of Commander Plan for 335 Days (minus) Amount calculated from Remaining term of 335 days of Civilian Plan
For any query related to your Hosting plan Upgrading or Downgrading, you can get in touch with our support team at support[at]domainking.ng. Our Support team will help you with all your queries.

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