How to update WordPress from the WordPress admin dashboard

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management Software) in the world used for easily creating your website or blog. You can start creating your website in less than 5 minutes after installing WordPress on your hosting account.

But since WordPress is so popular and is open source so many spammers and hackers can exploit it. Outdated or un-updated WordPress can cause security issue on your website & can be exploited for spam and malware on the internet since outdated WordPress can be hijacked by hackers due to security loopholes. So it is very important to keep your WordPress up to date for securing your website.

You can easily update your WordPress from your WordPress admin panel. Whenever new version will be available an update notification will appear on your WordPress Dashboard.

Note: Before you update your WordPress we strongly recommend you to take backup of your WordPress website. This is because you make an changes that you don’t like after update then you can easily revert back.

For Updating your WordPress you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1) Login to your WordPress Admin panel.

Step 2) In your WordPress Dashboard if there is any new version available then you will get notification on the top your admin panel. You need to click “Please update now” link as shown in the screenshot.

Update WordPress manually

Step 3) Now you are in the WordPress Update Section. You will see that update version available message on your screen. You need to click “Update Now” to automatically update your WordPress to the latest version.

Update WordPress from Admin panel

After clicking Update Now button your WordPress will start updating. Once your update is completed, your WordPress will be updated to the latest version automatically.