How to update the contact information of your domain in your hosting account

Contact information is the information that will be displayed in your domain’s “whois” information. It includes the details like Your Name, Email ID, Phone Number etc. It is important to keep your contact information updated to display the accurate whois at all time.

To update or edit your contact information for your domain you need to follow the following steps:

1) Login to DomainKing’s client panel.

2) Click “My Domains” link in the top menu bar.

3) Click on “manage domain icon” next to the domain name for which you want to change your contact information.

4) Scroll down to the “Management Tools” section and click on the “Contact Information” button.

5) Select “Specify custom information below” and update any contact information that you want to update or edit.

6) After making all the changes click on the “Save Changes” button just below the contact information columns.

After taking all the above steps, your contact information will be updated at the registry and in your domain whois instantly.