Steps to transferring your domain to DomainKing.NG

Domain Transfer is the process of moving your domain name from your current registrar to a new registrar. If you are looking to transfer your domain from some other provider to DomainKing.NG then you need to take note of the following checklist before the initiating the domain transfer process:

1) Domain must be 60 days old: This means that your domain name that you want to transfer must be registered for at least 60 days with your current provider before you can request for the transfer of that domain.

Example: If your domain was registered 32 days ago, then you need to wait for 28 more days before you can transfer your domain away from your current registrar to us.

2) Disable Registrar Lock: If your domain is currently locked then you need to unlock it at your current registrar. Your domain name status must be OK in your whois. You can also ask you domain provider to unlock your domain for you.

Example of Locked Domain:

Your domain status will be “Status: clientTransferProhibited”. This means that your current registrar has locked your domain & it cannot be transferred.

Domain status is clientTransferProhibited which means that you must unlock your domain to transfer it away from your current registrar.

Example of Unlocked Domain:

Your domain status will be “Status: ok”. Your domain is unlocked and you can transfer it to another provider.

Domain status is ok so you can transfer your domain to any other registrar.

3) Disable Privacy Protection: If you have privacy protection or whois protection enabled on your domain then you need to disable it before requesting the domain transfer.

Your domain transfer details will sent to your whois admin contact details. So you must make sure that your current contact details are correct & ID protection is disabled otherwise the domain transfer may fail. You can contact your current provider to disable this for you.

4) EPP/Auth. Code: To transfer your domain you need an EPP code (Some providers call it Authorization code or domain transfer secret code) that you can get from your current register for transferring domain to a new registrar. You can contact your current domain provider for your domain’s EPP/Auth code.

After checking and completing all the above requirements, you need to do the following:

1) Place a Domain Transfer order: You can place an order for domain transfer from our Domain Transfer Page. There you need to enter your domain name and Auth/EPP code that was provided to you by your current registrar. After the order has been placed, your domain transfer process will now be initiated.

2) Approve the transfer request: You will now receive the domain transfer approval request on your email that you have used in your domain administrator contact information. You need to approve that request for your domain transfer by clicking on the link provided in that email.

3) Wait for transfer to complete: After approving the domain transfer request your domain will be transferred to us within 5-7 days. You can also speed up this process by asking your current registrar to approve your domain transfer request.