How to signup as a new customer at DomainKing.NG

To signup/register as a new customer at Domainking.NG follow below mentioned steps:

1) Visit at Domainking.NG website.

2) On right hand side of the top navigation bar, Click on Login Or you can directly visit at login page.

3) Now at login page click on “New Users Register here” link below the Login button.

4) After clicking on New Users Register here you are redirected to register page.

5) Now scroll to register section,here you can enter your contact details.

6) Next scroll down to Login Information section,here you can enter a password and confirm it.We must recommend our clients to set up strong passwords by using special characters,alphabets,digits etc.for securing from hacking attacks.

Note:This password has no connection/link with your cPanel password. It is just your login password for your account at Domainking.NG.

You can login to Domainking.NG client area with this password and username that you set.

7) Lastly scroll down to Spam Bot Verification section section where you see a “Captcha”
from which you enter the same characters as shown in Captcha. Generally a Captcha is used for verification.

8) Now click on “Click To Continue” button.