A step by step guide to setting up Cloudflare on your website

Cloudflare is a CDN(Content Delivery Network) that works by setting it up between your website’s visitors and the DomainKing.NG servers. If Cloudflare is enabled on your websites then all requests will first go to the Cloudflare’s servers.

Using Cloudflare on your website will increase your website speed by caching, improve your website security by enabling their malware protection features & also save lot of your bandwidth.

Cloudflare uses its caching & security technology to cache your web pages & serve it to your visitors whenever any request is made to your website. Using Cloudflare will improve your website performance & security. All our hosting plans come with free Cloudflare setup.

How to Setup Cloudflare on your Domain Name:

To setup Cloudflare on your domain name you need to follow the following steps:

1. Create your free Cloudflare account. If you already have a Cloudflare account then you should do the following.

Login into your Cloudflare account & click on “Add Site” link available on the top navigation bar.

2. You will now see “Set up Websites” page as shown in the screenshot below:

In the search box enter your domain name on which you want to integrate cloudflare. Fr example if you want to enable Cloudflare on “yourdoman.com” then the the search box simply enter “yourdomain.com”.

After entering your domain name click “Scan DNS Records”.

Add website in Cloudflare

3. After that cloudflare will scan your website for all your DNS records. So you do not need to do anything. You just need to wait for the scan to complete.

Once the Cloudflare scan is complete a setup button will appear, then click on the “Continue” button as shown below to continue with the Cloudflare setup on your domain.

Continue Cloudflare setup

4. Now in this step you need to check & verify your DNS records to complete your clouflare setup. Cloudflare will show you the list of all your website DNS records & their types including all the subdomains.

You will see Orange or grey cloud infront of your each DNS record. Orange cloud means that cloudflare will be integrated on that domain or subdomain and all the requests will first go to the cloudflare’s servers.

Whereas Grey cloud means that cloudflare will be disabled and wil not work with that domain or subdomain. So all the requests will go directly to the original server.

You can easily change your cloud from orange to grey or vice versa, by clicking on the cloud.

Once you have selected the domains and subdomains on which you want to setup cloudflare, scroll down and click on the “Continue” button.

Setup Cloudflare on your domain name

5. Now you will need to select your plan that you want to use. Cloudflare offer various plans including Free plan & paid plan & each plan has different features.

You can start with a Free website plan which includes basic CDN feature, free SSL & lots more Or you can choose to go for a paid plan with more igh end features like firewall, DDOS protection, Cloudflare’s Railgun technology for faster websites, 100% uptime guarantee etc.

After choosing your desired plan click on “Continue” button.

Select Cloudflare plans

6. Now Cloudflare will give its nameservers to which you need to point your website. For example: the nameservers provider by Cloudflare will be something like ada.ns.cloudflare.com, brett.ns.cloudflare.com.

To complete the setup of your website with Cloudflare, You need to change the nameservers of your domain name to the ones given to you by Cloudflare. After doing that, click on the ”Continue” button.

Cloudflare Nameservers

7. After changing the nameservers of your domain, you need to wait for 24-48 hours for the DNS settings to propagate and work properly. After that Cloudflare will automatically be enabled on your website.

Now Cloudflare has been setup on your domain. You can try different the Cloudflare features available to you in your Cloudflare panel. Cloudflare will improve your website speed, performance, security & also save a lot of bandwidth.

If you hve any queries regarding our Web Hosting or Cloudflare, then feel free to contact our support. Our Support team will help you wll all your queries.