How to register a domain name with DomainKing

.GOV.NG is a cctld (Country Code Top Level Domain) restricted for Government Organizations in Nigeria. It can only be registered by Government agencies, MDA’s, Local Goverment, and Federal Government’s in Nigeria.

How to register domain

To register a domain, you would need to submit some documents to prove that you are a regulated/legal Government Organization in Nigeria.

For registering a domain you need to follow the following steps:

1. Search & Register your domain name: Check if the domain that you want to register is available and then place order for your domain.

You can check the availability & place order for your domain from our ng domains page.

2) Complete your order by making the payment for your domain.

3) Complete all the Requirements/Submit your Documents:

Please note .GOV.NG is a restricted domain & to activate your domain you need to send us the following documents

a) Get an authorization letter from the ministry or agency requesting for the domain name.

b) Mention in the letter, the admin and technical contact person/name & address details of the domain. The contact person should be a permanent staff of the ministry and not a tenured staff.

Letterhead of the ministry or agency



Nigeria Internet Registration Association,

8, Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Surulere,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Subject: Application for [Your fourth-level domain Name] domain registration

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our agency, [Your ministry or agency Name] approved by [name of Government agencies, MDA’s, Local Goverment, and Federal Government’s] has adopted the domain name [Your fourth level domain name] of [Your state name].

a). The admin contact details are:

[Name, Email, Phone number and Designation]

b). The Technical contact details are:

[Name, Email, Phone number and Designation]

c). The nameservers are:

[The two name-servers that you would like to use for the domain]

We will be very grateful if the [your fourth-level domain name] could be register by us.

We attached hereby our authorization Letter ahead document.

We shall be very thankful to you for this.

Your faithfully,

[Signature by the permanent Secretary of the Ministry/Executive Secretary/Director-General in the case of Federal Government]

[Name of the Authorized Signatory]

[Post of the Signatory]

4) We will send your Documents to the .NG Registry for Approval:

After you send us the documents we will forward your registration to NIRA (.NG domain Registry). Then NiRA sends the request to NITDA (National Information Technology Development Agency) for verification and approval.

NiRA will activate your domain once the domain has been approved by NITDA. And we will then inform you about the successful domain registration.

If you have any queries regarding domain registration, then you can always contact us at support[at] Our domain Specialists will assist your with all your queries.