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How to register an .edu.ng domain with DomainKing

.Edu.ng is a Nigerian cctld (country-code top level domain) restricted for Educational Institutions in Nigeria. It is a recommended domain extension for any academic institute like Colleges & Universities in Nigeria. Registering a edu.ng domain for your institution can increase your trust & provide you recognition.

How to register .edu.ng domain

Who can register .edu.ng domain?

As .edu.ng domain is a restricted domain so it can be register only by the educational institutes in Nigeria like colleges, universities, etc.

Moreover institutes which provide higher education like graduation and master graduation in Nigeria can register .edu.ng domain.

Also institutes which are establish for doing research in Nigeria can also register .edu.ng domain.

Requirements for registering .edu.ng Domain:

The .edu.ng is a restricted tld and can only be registered by Government Approved education institutions in Nigeria.

For registering .edu.ng domain you need to send us the following documents as these documents are required by NIRA for the verification puposes. Once your below sent documents are verified by NIRA, your domain will be automatically activated.

1) Copy of Registered or Incorporated document of your Institution under the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2) Copy of Accreditation document under relevant authorities like Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), NCCE and any other body as recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

3) Letter from the head of the institution with your Institution’s contact details.

Once your all above documents are completed, you can place order for .edu.ng domain registration. You can simply follow the below steps to place .edu.ng domain registration.

Steps to register .edu.ng domain name:

If you want to register .edu.ng domain then you need to simply follow the below steps one by one after completion of above all three documents:

Step 1) Search and Order the Domain:

First you need to search and place an order for the domain that you want to register. For more details see How to Register a .NG domain at DomainKing.NG.

Step 2) Make the payment:

After you have placed an order for your domain name, our system will generate an invoice for you to pay. You need to pay the invoice to complete your order.

We are providing various payment methods with which you can pay your invoice. You can find the full list of payment methods here.

Step 3) Forward the required documents for .edu.ng domain:

Once you have paid the invoice then you need to send us some documents to complete the registration of your domain. The .edu.ng is a restricted/closed tld and there are some requirements to register this extension. Please read the above mentioned requirements for more details.

You also need to send us the “Letter from the head of the institution” in a good format. If you don’t know the format of a letter then you can also follow the below format or pattern to write the letter.

Letterhead of the Institution


Nigeria Internet Registration Association,
8, Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Surulere,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Subject: Application for .edu.ng domain registration

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our institute, [Your institute Name] approved by [name of accredited organization] for [education level] has adopted the domain name [your_domain_name].

We will be very grateful if the [domain_name] could be register by us.

We attached hereby our Registration certificate and Accreditation document.

We shall be very thankful to you for this.

Your faithfully,
[Name of the Authorized Signatory]
[Post of the Signatory]

Step 4) Wait for Approval:

We will then send all the above documents to NIRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association) the .NG domains Registry for approval.

After they have verified your documents, your domain will be activated and you can then start using it. Generally it takes 1 Week or less for the documents to be verified and domain to be activated.


If you have any further queries regarding this, you can contact our support anytime. We will answer all your questions.

You can also contact our Chat Support Team at our website for any kind of query regarding the registration of .edu.ng domain.

Once your domain is approved and activated by NIRA, you will get update from us on your registered email. After the activation of your domain name you can start managing your domain name.

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