How to move a domain from one DomainKing.NG account to another DomainKing.NG account

Domain Move is the process of moving a domain name from one registered account/user at DomainKing.NG to some other registered account/user with DomainKing.NG. Currently the domain move process is not automatic & can only be done from our backend.

To move the domain from your account at to another account with, you need to do the following:

1) Make sure that the account to which you want to move your domain name is already registered with DomainKing.NG. If its not already registered then you can register it from here.

2) Contact our support at support[at] or by raising a support ticket from your client panel.

Mention your domain name that you want to move & the account to which you want to move your domain name. Or simply send this message “I want to transfer/move the domain to another domainking user with the email”

3) Our backend team will move your domain for you and get back to you after its done.