How to create custom nameservers from your client area

If you are looking to create your own custom nameservers (also known as personal or private nameservers) on your domain then you can do it easily using the “Register Nameservers” option available in your DomainKing.NG client area. You can create your private nameservers and link it to the IP address associated with your nameservers in less than 2 minutes.

Note: To create private or custom nameservers you must have your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Server. You cannot setup or use private nameservers on Shared Web Hosting.

These steps that are given below should be helpful to you in creating your custom nameservers on your domain:

1) Login to the DomainKing Client panel.

2) In your client area, click on the “Domains” and then “My Domains” from the top menu bar.

Click on My Domains

3) Click on the “Manage” icon (this looks like a wrench) located to the right of your domain name.

Click on Manage Domain icon for managing your domain name

4) On the left side, click on “Private Nameservers”.

Click on Private Nameservers to create a custom nameserver

5) Now you will see 3 options there:

a) Register a NameServer Name: Here you can register a custom nameserver.

In the Nameservers field, enter the nameserver prefix. For example ns1 or ns2.

In the IP Address field, please enter the IP address on which you want to point your nameserver.

b) Modify a NameServer IP: If you have already created nameservers then you can modify the nameservers here.

In the Nameservers field, enter the nameserver prefix which you want to modify.

In the Current IP Address field, please enter the IP address on which your nameserver was previously pointed.

In the New IP Address field, enter the new IP address where you want to point your nameserver now.

c) Delete a NameServer: using this field, you can delete the existing nameservers.

In the Nameserver field, enter the nameserver prefix (ns1, ns2, etc) that you want to delete.

From here you can manage all your custom nameservers

Once done then click on the Save Changes button and that’s it. Your nameservers have been created, modified, or deleted according to your chosen option.

Now you need to wait for DNS propagation for a few hours. Normally, DNS propagation can take 24-48 hours to complete. After that, you can use the created nameservers.