How to change your cPanel password from the cPanel interface

From time and again you may want to change your cPanel password for keeping it up to date or for setting a more secure password. You can change your cPanel password by logging in to your cPanel. In this tutorial we will show you the method to change your cPanel password.

Changing cPanel password from cPanel:

Using this method you can change your cPanel password directly from the cPanel. This method is useful if you are already logged in your cPanel. To do this, you need to follow the below steps:

1) Login in your cPanel.

2) Under the “Preferences” section click “Change Password” icon.

3) Enter the following details:

Old Password: Enter your old password here.

New Password: Enter your new password here.

New Password (again): Re-Enter your new password here.

Note: You can use Password Generator to set a strong password that will be generated by system.

4) Click on “Change Password” button.

Your cPanel password has changed successfully. Kindly use new login details to login into cPanel.

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