Step by step guide to buy web hosting from DomainKing.NG

In this tutorial, we will show you simple steps on how to order web hosting for your website from DomainKing.NG & get your website or blog online.

For buying a web hosting plan with DomainKing.NG you need to follow these steps:

Step 1) Visit the DomainKing.NG Web Hosting page.

Step 2) Select any web hosting plan as per your requirement from the link in Step 1. After selecting your web hosting plan click on the “Order Now” button.

DomainKing.NG Web Hosting Plans

Step 3) You will now be redirected to the page on which you need to enter your domain name for which you want to order your hosting plan.

Select your preferred option from the 3 listed below:

a) Register a new domain: Select this option if you don’t have a domain name already and want to register a new domain with your hosting plan.

b) Transfer your domain from another registrar: Select this option if you already have your domain name with some other provider and want to transfer your domain to us with your hosting.

c) I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers: Choose this option if you only want to buy hosting from us but want to keep or register your domain from some other provider.

step 3 diagram

Step 4) After selecting your preferred option as explained in Step 3, enter the domain name for which you are ordering the hosting plan and then click the “Check” button.

Step 5) If your domain is available then scroll down and then click “Continue”. If your domain is not available or you want to buy another domain then click on “Add to Cart” and then “Continue”.

Note: Step 5 is only for users who are ordering a new domain name with a hosting account.

step 4 and 5 diagram

Step 6) Review your order and select “Billing Cycle” (number of years for which you want to order your hosting plan) and click “Continue”.

step 6 diagram

Step 7) Select the addon services that you want with your domain and click “Add to Cart” and click “Continue”.

Note: You will only see this option if you are registering a domain with a hosting account or transferring your domain to us with hosting. [Ignore this step if you are only ordering the hosting plan without a domain]

step 7 diagram

Step 8) Now review your order & bill and then click “Checkout”.

review order

Step 9) After that fill in all your details asked on the page to register with us & create a new account at DomainKing.NG.

Or if you are already a registered user with us, then you can select the option “Already Registered” and sign in to your account to complete the order.

checkout personal information

Step 10) Now scroll down to “Payment Details” and select your preferred payment method with which you want to pay for your web hosting order. For more details see How to pay.

payment method

Step 11) Now check “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” and click “Complete Order”.

Step 12) Now your hosting order has been placed and an invoice has been created for you to pay. After reviewing your payment method once again click “Pay Now”.

Congratulations! It’s all done now. After you have paid your invoice, your order will be activated automatically or manually within a few hours depending on your payment method.

Once your hosting order is activated, you will receive a Hosting Account Information email with all your account login details including your cPanel & FTP details to access your hosting account.