How to Buy SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), provide or establish a secure connection between the server (on which website is hosted) and the browser or system on which we are browsing the website.

Generally SSL is a kind of protocol which is responsible for the transfer of data in secure and encrypted format to protect it from hackers or spammers.

How to buy SSL Certificate

Most of the websites that have payment processing page i.e the webmasters who accept payments using the card like credit and debit card have installed SSL on their websites.

Who should Install SSL certificate?

1) Browser Error: Google Chrome will show the SSL error on http websites and on the web-pages like contact form and on the search bar page of SSL will not installed on your website. So you must need to buy and install SSL plan for your website if you don't want your visitors to get SSL error on your website

2) E-commerce Website: In E-Commerce websites, the sensitive and important information of customers is transferring between the browser and the server. Normally visitors are using their card to pay for their produts. So you must need to install SSL certificate if you are also hosting a E-Commerce website.

The data transfer via the non-installed SSL website is not secured and also not in encrypted format. Also such kind of data can be easily stole or hacked by a hacker. SSL installed site is a secure website.

So you must need to install SSL certificate on your website if you are also accepting online payment. Generally clients are also looking for installed SSL on website on which they want to use their cards like credit card, VISA card, etc.

When SSL is installed on your website then it client or vistiers can easily trust on your website and on your work too. Moreover Google is also giving boost to SSL installed website in search engine.

3) Bloggers: Google has already made a dicision to boost the SEO of blogs in which https is enabled. So if you are also a bloggers and want to boost your SEO ranking then you must need to install SSL certificate.

Advantages of SSL Certificates:

1) Encrypt Information: SSL encrypt information in a kind format that is transferring between the browser and server to protect it from hackers or spammers.

2) Authenticating Providing: SSL certificate also ensure the visitors that they are sending information to a right person as SSL certificate include the certificate’s holder name.

3) Provide Reliability: Green icon of SSL sure the visitors that connection is secure. So a visitor can easily trust on you by checking the SSL certificate installed on your website.

4) SEO Boost: Google is now boost SEO ranking of websites which have enabled SSL. So if you also want to boost the SEO ranking of your website in Google Search Engine then you also need to install SSL Certificate.

Requirement of Installing SSL Certificate:

1) A Domain Name: A domain name is just a name of website. A domain name is a address of your website with the help of which a visitor can visit your website.

A Domain name is the combination of 2 things. First one is the name and the second one is the extension. For example: In DomainKing.NG, DomainKing is a name and .NG is a extension which belong to Nigeria. So it is clear from the domain name DomainKing.NG that the DomainKing is a company which is working in Nigeria.

So if you want to install SSL on your website then you must have a domain name first. If you don't have domain name then you can easily registered with us. You can register a domain name from DomainKing's domain registration page. You can also take help from our below guide.

2) Web Hosting plan: Web Hosting plan or Web Hosting service is the service to provide a space on the server to host a website on Internet. The websites are saved or stored on servers. When you input a domain name on your browsers address to visit a website then your computer is automatically connected with that server and the website is displaying on your screen.

If you don't have hosting plan and want to buy a hosting plan to host your website then you can buy a web hosting plan from DomainKing web hosting page. You can also take help from our guide if you are facing any issue while placing the hosting order.

Steps to buy SSL certificate:

Now I am listing and explaining you all the steps with the help of whcih you can easily buy SSL certificate with us. If you want to buy SSL certificate for your website with us then you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1) First of all you need to visit Domainking’s SSL Certificate page.

Step 2) Now you need to select any SSL plan as per your requirement and click on Order Now button.

Click on Order Now

Step 3) After clicking on the Order Now button you will be redirected to a Shopping Cart page where you need to make the below changes:

a) I want DomainKing to register a new domain for my Hosting Package: If you want to register a new domain then you need to select this option.

b) I want to transfer my domain to DomainKing: If you want to transfer your domain name to us then need to select this option.

c) I already have a domain and i will update its nameservers Or I will register a new domain from an another provider: If you already have a domain name and hosting plan with us or with another provider then you need to select this option.

Once done with selecting your desired option you need to enter the domain name for which you want to buy SSL Certificate and click on Click on Continue >> as shown in the below screenshot.

SSL Shopping Cart Page

Step 4) In Product Configuration page, you need to select the Billing cycle. If you want to buy SSL Certificate for 1 year then you need to select 1 Year from drop down menu and click on Add to Cart.

Select Billing Cycle

Step 5) Now you will be redirected to Domains Configuration page where you need to select free add-on services and then click to Continue to Final Checkout Page >> button.

Domain Configuration Section

Step 6) Now in Final Checkout Page you need to review you order and also need to enter your details to register an account with us.

Review your Order

You can scroll down to Your Details section and select one option from New Customer and Existing Customer.

Enter your Details

Step 7) There are lots more options that you have select by scrolling down as described below:

Promotional Code: If you have promo code to get a discount on your purchase then you can enter the coupon code and then click on Validate Code > button.

Enter Promotional Code

Payment Method: You can select your desired payment method. If you want to pay using your card then you can select Voguepay and if you want to pay using Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer then you can select the Option Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit.

Step 8) At last you need to check the option I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and then click on Complete Order button as shown in below screenshot.

Complete Order

Once done tih completing the order, the invoice will be generated. You can process with paying your invoice with any method as instructed above. If you want instant activation then you can pay using your card.

Congratulations! You have successfully bought the SSL plan by taking helps from above steps. Now you can check your registered email for more details.

Now you can easily install SSL Certificate in cPanel. You can also take help from our guide if you don't know how to install SSL certificate in cPanel.

If you have any issue then you can contact our support team for your issue. Our support team will also help you to install SSL certificate on your website.


First of all I would like to thank you for buying SSL certificate with us. Now you can contact out Chat Support Team or our Support Team if you don't know how to install SSL certificate. Our support team will help you to install SSL certificate on your website.

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