How to access your email directly from cPanel or Webmail

Webmail is a feature available with cPanel using which you can easily access your emails accounts that you have already created in your cPanel. It is similar to your Gmail or Yahoo mail interface where you can check your emails, send/receive emails and do more.

In this tutorial we will show you simple steps using which you can login to your webmail. All you need is your email username and password.

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You can access your email account that you have created from cPanel using 2 methods:

1) Login to Webmail from cPanel

2) Accessing Webmail from direct URL (Without logging into cPanel)

Login to Webmail from cPanel

1) Login to cPanel > go to the “mail” section > click “Email Accounts” link.

Email Accounts section in cpanel

2) On the Email accounts page scroll down and you will find all the email accounts that you have created in your cPanel.

Click on “More” button next to the email account that you want to access > then click on “Access Webmail”.

Access Webmail in cpanel

3) On the next page you will see three icons (Horde, Roundecube, Squirrelmail) of different webmail interfaces. Click on any of the interface that you prefer.

Webmail Interface (Horde, Roundecube, Squirrelmail) in cPanel

Access Webmail from Direct URL

You can also access you webmails more easily by opening any of the following links in your browser:

After opening any of the above link, just type the Username and Password of the email account that you want to access and click “Login” button.