How to setup email forwarding for free email accounts in your client area

The feature of Email forwarding allows you to setup a forward for all your email which you will receive on your customize email.
For example: If you have created the email then all the email which will be sent to this email can be forwarded to an email which you often use. This feature helps you in case you are having multiple Email accounts and you are not able to login into all the account to check the emails separately.
So to setup email forwarding there are some steps which you need to follow. You can read the below mentioned steps to know how you can use the feature of email forwarding.

Step1: login to your client panel with

Step2: Click on My Domains button in the navigation bar of your client area.

My Domains in DomainKing.NG client panel

Step3: Scroll down to My Domains section and click on the manage domain icon in front of the domain name on which you have crated the emails and want to setup the email forwarders.

Manage Domains in DomainKing.NG client panel

Stpe4: Scroll down to Management Tools section and click on DKNG DNS & Email Panel (Beta) button.

Free DNS and email panel at DomainKing.NG

Step5: Click on Manage Free Emails button which will redirect you to the next page.

Click to Mange Free Emails

Step6: Click on Continue to Email Panel button.

Continue to Email Panel

Step:7 After being redirected to your email dashboard click on Manage Users / Accounts link under Action section.

Step:8 Click on the Edit link in front of the desired email for which you want to set the forwarder.

Step:9 Scroll down to Mail Forwards section and click on Add Forward(s).

Step:10 Enter the email address on which you want to receive all the emails and then click on Add button.

After pressing the add button, email forwarder will be active on your selected customized email. So you can logout from your dashboard.