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How to edit or delete DNS records using the advanced editor in cPanel

All the services of any website having DNS records for working. Sometimes you have entered some DNS records for your domain but you don’t want to use these records anymore or you want to remove the records. Then you can remove these DNS records from your cPanel. In cPanel you need to enter into “Advanced DNS Zone Editor” for removing any DNS record.

If you want to remove the Existing DNS records from “Advanced DNS Zone Editor” then follow the below mentioned steps:


Step 1: Login to your cPanel.
Step 2: Under Domains section click on “Advanced DNS Zone Editor”.
Advanced DNS Zone Editor cPanel

Step 3: In “Advanced DNS Zone Editor” you will see some existing records.
Step 4: Now if you want to change any DNS record then click on “Edit” button in front of the DNS record.

Edit DNS Zone File Record
Step 5: A Edit box will be open which contain some fields. Now you will see following fields:
Name: Enter the Name of your record. This record ends with your domain name automatically.
TTL: It means Time To Live. All the records are available on servers for a fixed time which is set in TTL. In TTL the time is set in seconds. You will need to enter 14400 time in TTL. This is the best standard time for all the records.
Type: From the drop down menu you can select the type of DNS which you want to enter.
Address: Here you want to enter the server address where you want to point your DNS name. All the server addresses are different for each DNS records.
You can change any of the field according to your requirements.

Enter DNS Record
Step 6: Once you have changed the fields of the DNS record, Click on “Edit Record” button.

Edit DNS Zone Record cPanel

Congratulation your DNS record has been changed.

If you want to Delete any DNS record then click on “Delete” button in front of the DNS record that you want to remove. Now you can see that your DNS record has been removed from list.

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