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How to disable ModSecurity in your cPanel account

ModSecurity is a security module feature in cPanel on Apache servers that is enabled by default on our all hosting accounts.
It protects your website from different hacking attacks including Brute force attacks, DDOS attacks etc.

But sometimes when the ModSecurity is enabled on the server errors like “406 Not Acceptable” and IP blacklisting can be caused. So you can disable ModSeurity from your cPanel. But we don’t recommend it.

Please follow these steps for disabling mod_security from your cpanel at Domainking.NG:

1) Login to your cpanel.
2) Scroll down to the “Security” section in your cpanel and click on “ModSecurity” link.
ModSecurity in cpanel

3) Now you will be redirected in ModSecurity section. Here you see two sections:
Configure all domains:
If you select Configure All domains then ModSecurity will be disabled for all domains in your cpanel by clicking on ”Disable” button.

Disabling ModSecurity on all domains

Configure individual domains:
If want to disable ModSecurity for individual domain then you want to select the second option Configure Individual domains.
In this choose the domain on which you want to disable ModSecurity and click on status in front of your domain. Click on “off” for disabling ModSecurity of that particular domain.
Disabling ModSecurity on individual domain

Now, ModSecurity will be successfully disabled on your domain.
ModeSecurity successfully disabled

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