POP3 and IMAP basics and differences

POP3 and IMAP both are standard protocol used to receive emails from remote server to local email client.

In this article, we are discussing about the terms POP3 and IMAP and how can functionality of POP3 differs from IMAP.

What is POP3:

POP3 stands on Post Office Protocol version 3 is standard protocol used to Receiving e-mails from remote server to local email client.

By using POP3 you can download email messages on your local computer and read them even when you are offline.

When you use POP3 to connect with your email account, automatically messages are downloaded locally and delete from your servers.

By default, the POP3 protocol having 2 ports:

1)Port 110 – Default POP3 non-encrypted port (Non SSL)

2)Port 995 – For secure connection (SSL) you can use this Port.

Moreover, POP3 protocol allows you to access your email only from one application.

What is IMAP:

IMAP stands on Internet Message Access Protocol is Mail protocol used to accessing and retrieving email on a remote web servers from Local client.

IMAP is a protocol which supported by all modern email clients and web servers.

IMAP allows to their clients simultaneous access their email by multiple clients than POP3.

IMAP is more Suitable and best option if you’re going to access your email from different locations or if your messages or Conversations are managed by different users.

By default, the IMAP protocol are having 2 ports:

1) Port 143 – Default IMAP non-encrypted port (Non SSL)
2) Port 993 – If you want to connect Securely then use this Port (SSL)

Difference Between POP3 and IMAP:

We are listing Differences between both Account type POP3 vs IMAP as given below:

1) In POP3 you can access and retrieve your email client from Remote web server at only one location;

Where as using IMAP you can access and retrieve your email from different locations and could be manage by Multiple users.

2) If you want to access several email simultaneously from your remote web server then you should choose IMAP for managing different users at a time;

Where as POP3 connected one client with mailbox.

3) In IMAP when you read, write or download messages locally it also stored in your server and in future you can download it again;

Where as in POP3 messages one downloaded locally it deleted from server.