How to customize your WordPress theme

In WordPress, the theme system will allow the users to customize WordPress website to give the attractive look to website. Installing WordPress & installing WordPress theme is very easy task which can be done in few minutes.

How to Customize WordPress Theme

You can easily change your WordPress website colour, font style, font size, your website logo, title and tagline of your website by customizing your WordPress theme.

Normally in WordPress library there are some free themes and some are premium themes. You can customize a free theme as per your requirement to encourage your visitors. Moreover if you need some advanced tools or more functionality then you can install premium theme.

In this tutorial, I will explain you the various steps with the help of which you can customize your current WordPress theme to give a decent look to your website.

Steps to Customize WordPress theme:

Step1) First of all you need to login to your WordPress Admin Panel.

Step 2) Now in the left side of the navigation bar you will see various options of WordPress Admin panel, you need to navigate to Appearance > Themes as shown in the below screenshot.

appearance themes

Step 3) You will be redirected to a page where list of installed themes is displaying on the screen. You need to click on Customize button next to your installed theme.

Note: We are customizing Twenty Seventeen theme as shown in the below screenshots.

Click on Customize button

Step 4) Now you will be redirected to theme customization page where you will see various option to customize your WordPress theme as described below:

1) Site Identity: In this section you can upload your website’s logo and update the title and tagline of your website.

2) Colors: Expand this option to change the colors of your website. You can change colors scheme to dark, light or even you can set your custom color.

3) Header Media: Uploading video file in the header of a website or changing the header image can be easily updated under this option.

4) Menus: Generally there are two types of menus displaying on the website, A Top Menu or a social media button menu to share on social site. You can even customize these menus under this section.

5) Widgets: Normally widgets are showing in sidebar or at header and footer of WordPress websites. You can customize the widgets of WordPress website by expending this option.

6) Homepage Settings: Some of webmasters want to show their recent post on their home page and some of them want to show a static page as homepage. Such options can easily be customize via this menu.

7) Theme Options: If you want to display your website content in two columns then you can edit your website’s section under this section. Various layouts of your websites can be changed also from this section.

8) Additional CSS: Visual appearance and formatting of your HTML tag or content of your website can also be changed from this option.

Theme Customization Option

Step 5) Once done with making your required changes you need to save these changing. You can save these changes by clicking on Publish button as shown in the below screenshot.

Click on Publish button

Now you can check your website to check the changes that you had made while customizing your WordPress theme.

Please clear the cache and cookies of your browser if your web page is loading the cache version of your website.


Thanks for reading this article and following the steps mentioned in this guide. I also highly recommend you to also read our guide on how to optimize WordPress website.

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