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How to fix the “No such File or Directory” error in cPanel

In this article we are discussing about while creating an email account error“No such File or Directory”.
When you try to setting up an email account in the cPanel email accounts, you may encounter the error such as “No such File or directory”.

No Such File or Directory cPanel

Email creating error: No such File or Directory that you may get while creating an email account as showing below:

“File open for /home/userna5/etc/domain.com/passwrd failed”

Please also check below given screenshot of error message:

The above given error displayed when the “etc folder” was deleted or renamed inside your home directory of your files in cPanel.

passwd failed with error no such file or directory cpanel:

STEP 1) Please contact your Hosting provider if you can have your files restroed from a Backup. If either you are not able to contact with your Hosting provider Or you want to do it by yourself then proceeds to Step 2.

STEP 2) Login into your cPanel.

STEP 3) Once you Login to your cPanel, scroll down to “File” section and click on “File Manager” icon as showing given below in screenshot:

STEP 4) Now, In File Manager you will see list of Directories of your hosting account are displaying on left side click on “Home directory” as showing below in screenshot:

STEP 5) Please check the required files that may be missed in your cPanel.

The following given files you need to have in your “Home Directory”:


If any of above file missing in your home directory , then you can just recreate them with ease in the “File Manager”.

Once you have the etc and/or the mail folder created, please try again by creating email account in cPanel.

Now, you will be able to create email accounts in cPanel.

Moreover, If you are unable to create any of missing file by yourself then do let us know we will help you accordingly.

You can reach us anytime by raising a support ticket from your client panel Or you can also email us our email address is supportatdomainking.ng.

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