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How to create a WordPress website

Have you planned to start or to create a website? If yes then it may be a terrifying thought for you being as a beginner. Don’t worry! You are not alone we are here to help you to. We have already helped our clients to create his website in simple ways.


I hope you already aware of advantages of having an online website of your business.

It is very easy for a beginner to have a website using WordPress without knowing the working of various codes and languages.

Creating a website is a best way to increase the number of your clients as you will get large number of visitors from internet.

So let start!

Steps to create Website using WordPress:

Now let me explain these steps one by one with the help of which you can proceed with the creating of website.

Step 1) Get Domain and hosting:

So first of all you need to register your domain name and need to buy a hosting plan.

A domain name is the name of the a website like google.com, yahoo.com, etc. Whenever visitor will type domain name in their browser then your website will open in their browser.

Web Hosting is a space on server to store your website’s files. Your website will load from a particular server on internet.

We are offering free .com.ng domain and .com domain with all our hosting plan. So you can buy both domain and web hosting plan with various free Add-On services like Free SSL, Unmetered bandwidth and many more.

If you need instant activation then you can pay us via your card like VISA card, MASTER card, Verve card etc.

Step 2) Install WordPress:

Once done with buying domain and hosting plan, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email.

Now you need to install WordPress CMS in your hosting account. We have 1-click installer Softaculous in all our hosting account with which you can install any CMS.

The process of installing WordPress is quite easy and can take 1 minute. You can install WordPress using Softaculous in your cPanel.

If you are facing any issue while installing WordPress then you can contact our support team or you can also contact our Live Chat Support team at our website. They will install WordPress for you.

You can also read our detailed tutorial on How to Install WordPress.

Step 3) Install Theme:

After installing the WordPress, all you need to give the attractive look to your website. You can install any theme as per your website requirement from WordPress library.

If you are developing website related to any game then you can search your WordPress theme by typing your game name or sport in theme search box.

There are large numbers of theme in WordPress library which are free to use. Some themes in WordPress library are premium which have lots of advanced features.

So if you need more features to customize the content of your website then you can go for premium theme.

You can install WordPress theme from your WordPress Admin panel by navigating to Appearance > Theme from the left side of the navigation bar.

You can also read our guide on How to install WordPress Theme from WordPress Admin panel.

You can also try to change the look of your installed theme by customizing your installed theme from WordPress Admin panel. You can change the color of your website or you can change the font style and font colours from the theme customization page.

Step 4) Create required pages of your website

To create a page a WordPress Admin panel you need to follow the below under mentioned steps:

1) First of all you need to navigate to Pages menu in Admin panel and then click on Add New.

Now WordPress page editor will display on the screen which look similar to the WordPress post editor.

2) Now you need to write the Title of the page. If you want to create About Us page then you need to type About Us in the Title Bar in editor.

3) After entering the title of your page, you need to type content of your page in the content box as shown in the below screenshot.

4) Once done with creating the page you need to publish your page. For publishing your page, you need to click on Publish button as shown in the below screenshot.

You can also upload your preferred logo and customize the title of your website.

Uploading Logo and Site title can be upload via the theme customization page.

For uploading your site logo and site title you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

1) First of all you need to login to your WordPress Admin panel.

2) Now you need to navigate to Appearance > Theme from the left side of the navigation bar.

3) You will be redirected to a page where list of installed theme displaying on the screen. Here you need to click on the Customize button next to your activated theme.

4) In this theme customization page, you need to click on the Site Identity from the left side of the navigation bar.

5) Now you can upload your logo from your PC/Laptop by clicking on the Select logo button.

6) You can also update the Site Title and Tagline of your website in this same page just below where you have uploaded your website’s logo.

7) Once done with making all the changes you need to click on Publish button as shown in the below screenshot.

That’s all. You can check your uploaded logo and updated tagline by visiting to your website.

Step 6) Add your Content:

Now you need to all the content or information in your website to communicate with your visitors.

So before start adding or updating the content in your WordPress website you need to consider the below points:

1) The headline of your content should clearly deliver the message about your vision.

2) The uploaded image in your content should also convey message or encourage to visitors.

3) Your content should be summarizing in sub-headings and in key points.

4) Use symbols to spot the difference or to highlights the content.

5) Please make sure your visitor will be able to understand the message just by scanning your content with eyes.

So! Content can be added in two formats in WordPress Admin panel:

1) Post: Post is a timely content published on the home page of your page. They are following the order in which they are published.

2) Page: Page contains the static content on your website. For example content in pages like About us, My services etc.

You can add new post or pages from the left side of the navigation bar in WordPress Admin panel.

Normally you can enter your content in the box and can also use the various formatting button to format your content in a particular pattern.

You can also read our guide on How to create a post in WordPress if you are a beginner or if you are facing difficulties in posting the content of your WordPress website.

Congratulation! All done. You are now ready to launch your website. Now you have fully functional WordPress website.

If you are still looking to increase the functionality of your WordPress website then you can install various plugins as per your requirement.

You can also read our complete step by step tutorial on how to install plugin in WordPress Admin panel.


Thanks for giving your valuable time to read this article and for following this tutorial to create your WordPress website.

In case you need any help related to WordPress or domain & hosting then you can feel free to contact our Live Chat Support Team at our website. They will help you to resolve your issue.

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